What is the proper flow rate for your 30 gallons aquarium?

The flow rate is measure by gallon per hour (GPH), which mean how much water it can move every single hour. A proper flow rate is essential for your aquarium’s filter to work its best. Ensure that you know your aquarium well and remember to check the size of the filtration unit so that your aquarium will stay cleaner longer, providing a healthier environment for your inhabitants.

The best filter for 30 gallon aquarium will come with the flow rated according to how many gallons the aquarium holds. However, the flow rate that come with the filters are not alway work well for all the case. In some aquariums, you may need the flow rate that higher or slower than it is recommeded.

#1 Average flow rate of 30 gallon tank

Generally speaking, I generally recommend that you should turn over your aquarium volume at least four times per hour. This means that if you have a 30 gallons tank, you need a pump and filter with flow rates of around 120 GPH. The filter with 120 GPH can be able to move 4 times the amount of water in your tank a single hour.

#2 The aquariums that need higher flow rates

Any 30 gallons tank with heavily populated aquariums, or those with large predatory fish or fish that generate large amounts of waste should be fitted with oversized or multiple filters. For example, if you keep a multiple gold fish in your tank, they are quite messy as they generate much of waste, you will need something that larger than 120 GLP.

Reef tanks also require higher flow rate so water is moving in all areas of the aquarium. This is essential for filter feeders. Water currents bring corals the food, oxygen, nutrients, and movement necessary to stimulate growth of them.

If you are keeping these kind of aquarium, for best results, purchase a filter that is rated for an aquarium a little larger than the one you own.

#3 The types of aquarium that need slower flow rate

If you are owing a 30 gallons live plant tanks, the slow flow rate of water will help decrease surface agitation and hold more amount of CO2 that live plants need. Most plants cannot tolerate being in the middle of the flow stream.

Other types of aquarium that need slow flow rate is the tank that you keep small fish, baby fish or betta fish tank. Betta prefer to live in the peaceful habitat, too strong water flow can cause much unwanted stress for them to swim in the current all the time. While small and baby fish can be swept away in the high flow rate.

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Best Fish Tank: SeaClean Acrylic Aquarium VS.  Corelife LED Biocube Aquarium

An aquarium can be a beautiful decoration for your living space since it could bring the special attractiveness of aquatic nature in your home. But owning an aquarium also can be a boring experience if you choose the wrong fish tank.

For the beginner, it is not an easy task too choosing the best fish tank at the fish time. Any mistake could kill your fish.

In order to ensure your fish will live in a proper environment and having a long happy life, this post is about the details of two fish tanks that you should look over: SeaClean Acrylic Aquarium VS.  Corelife LED Biocube Aquarium.

#1 Fish tank size

Many beginners have the misconception that a small tank is easier to get started than a large tank. However, in fact, 5 gallons is the minimum tank size that you should get. The best aquarium starter kits with large are always better for the health of fish.

The tank is sturdy enough for your need and can also fit into the space that you plan to put it.  The larger tank sometimes provides difficult to find an appreciate room to keep.

Coralife LED Biocube aquarium is designed with a sleek clean-lined look and offers two versions are 16 gallons tank and 32 gallons tank.

While SeaClear aquarium available in a wide range of sizes from 15 to 50 gallons tank. It offers you many different options to choose from.

#2 Material: Acrylic or Glass

Almost aquariums are made from acrylic and glass. Coralife is a glass aquarium, which means it is difficult to get scratch, cheaper than acrylic, and also can keep the clarity for the tank over a long time of use. It is absolutely a good long term investment.

While SeaClear aquarium is acrylic, it is more expensive but much stronger than glass but half the weight. This aquarium has been known as virtually leak-proof and safe for both freshwater and saltwater use.

#3 Functions

SeaClear kit comes with 24 inches light fixture and reflector so you can showcase the fish in the tank. However, the drawback of this tank is that it does not include everything you will need to get started.

That means you will need to purchase some additional equipment. This aquarium does not come with a filter and heater.

Coralife Led Biocube is a complete kit. It includes a 24 hours timer on the top of the tank. This allows you to set up the automatically day and night light sequence. Not only that, but it also has the LED lighting system, which mimics the sun and moonlights in nature. It comes with the temperature control feature and three stages filtering system as well.

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When Should You Shears For Sheep?

If you are the sheep keeper, you have to take responsibility for taking care of the animals that you are entrusted with. In order to keep your sheep clean and preventing the spread of disease among a flock, shears for sheep is the work that must be performed frequently.

If a sheep goes for a long without shearing, there are many problems can occur with him and also your flock. Typically, an adult sheep should be shorn for at least once per year.

Before shearing sheep, you should learn and do research about the best time of year for sheep sheers since it is not an easy task as it seems to be, especially if you have a large flock of sheep. The best sheep shears are your great assistant.

Times for sheep shear

Sheep shears can be performed for all seasons of the year depending on some factors such as the climate of where you are living or management.

Normally, the sheep share should be performed in the warmer months of the year and avoid to do during the winter. This can help your sheep decrease their body temperature in the summer and keep them warm in the winter.

However, in the high country regions, where the warmer months are not too hot, people can choose to do sheep share before you brought the sheep into the barn. It will keep the wool clean since the wool very easy to get dirt in the barn when you keep many sheep in the same place.

Moreover, this also keeps the new-born sheep away from exposure to the element and other dirt. But your sheep will require more energy to maintain their body condition during the winter than when they are full of wool.

You can also shear them by using a cover comb (stud comb) which will leave more wool on the sheep body in the winter and giving them a thinness layer of wool for keeping warm.

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Choosing the right pet from an exotic pet shop near me

There are lots of animals could be right for you. They are can be your friends, your companions in life and your family’s member. If you are planning to keep a pet but do not know what type of animals will make a good pet, this post will help you to find out.

Not only dogs or cats can be a family’s pets, there are some other animals that available in exotic pet shop near me can also be your pets. Your pet choice should be dependent on your personality, what sort of them will match your needs and your lifestyle.


What types of animals can you keep as pets?

Dog and cats: It is needless to say that they are the most popular pets and easy to make the best pets for anyone. People have kept them as pets for thousands of years so they are totally tamed. Dogs and cats are also easy to care for.

Other types of pets: As mentioned above, not only dogs and cats can be kept as pets. In case if you do not have enough space to keep dogs and cats or if you need to pay much of cost to keep them. Then keeping the other lesser-known animals will be the good ideal.

There are some exotic animals that you can keep such as Rodent, Parakeet, Reptile (leopard gecko, crested gecko, bearded dragon), Freshwater fish, Turtle, Snakes, Insects, etc.

Feature to consider when choosing a pet

Remember that different animals have different dietary and space requirements; they all need love, care and attention from their owner. Before taking them home, you have to determine your responsibilities for feeding grooming, training, bathing for your pet.

In order to choose your right pet, the first thing you should look for is living space. Do you live in the city or in the countryside? How much space do you have? Do you have outdoor space such as a garden or yard?

The second thing is the activity of your pet. You want a companion when doing exercise or a peaceful pet to keep in the office when you are working?

And finally, considering your budget. You have to pay for their food, some essential equipment, veterinary care, etc.

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Things to know before buying the best chicken coop

Whether you are planning to keep chicken or you are rearing chickens, the chicken coop absolutely is the rearing equipment you need to buy. The chicken coop quality will directly affect chicken survival and productivity because it is where your chicken sleep, take a rest and lay their eggs.

You can own your best chicken coop by making it by yourself or purchase it on the marketplace. In order to help you buy the right chicken coop, this article is some details you should attention before choosing this equipment.

#1 Size of the coop

Some manufacturers advertised that space 3 feet x 4 feet contain 6 chickens. But if you want your chickens to be happy and healthy, this area is not enough. The fact that each kitchen should have at least 2 squares foot of floor space.

The ideal coop must be spacious enough for the chickens to lap the wings, maximum convenience on sleeping and laying eggs, and also have a space to walk. Your chickens will be easier to accommodate with a new coop if they have room to fly.

#2 Easy to clean

Easy to hygiene is an important feature to make the best chicken coop. Dirt collects, parasites, bacteria will have a chance to multiply if your coop is not airy, do not have the changeable floor and enough space for a human to clean inside. Besides, you should clean the coop regularly to eliminate chicken’s waste and hazardous features for your chickens.

#3 Ventilation and windows

As we mentioned up here, the lack of ventilation will lead to the possibility of developing parasites, dirt collects, bacteria, etc. Moreover, your chickens can be suffocated without ventilation or windows. The ventilation does not work well maybe get your herd a risk of breathing problems.

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Things to consider before buying the best two slice toaster

Sometimes a perfectly browned, crunchy, warm toast can bring you high quality breakfast. There are many two slice toaster is available on the marketplace. But not all of them great at crisping up bread, bagels or waffles and make you satisfied.

The best two slice toaster is an essential device in any kitchen. It works effectively in a short time, durability and easy to clean.

Many different styles, types, and models of the toaster are sold on the market, how to choose the right one for you? The following are some things you should consider before buying them.

 #1 Size of the slots

A toaster with larger slots will allow you to toast not only normal bread 2 slides but also bagels, English muffins, and Texas toast.

That means your toaster can fit with thick, thin and bigger slices.

#2 Size of the toaster

Like any other device that you plan to buy, you should consider about size of this device and how many empty spaces that you have.

A bigger toaster will more useful for many things like making pizza or cookie, but take a lot of space at the same time. On the other hand, a small and compact size toaster doesn’t take too much counter space but do not contain any extra feature.

 #3 Easy to clean

The best two slice toaster should come with a crumb tray that can be removable. A removable crumb tray made it easy to clean and friendly with the dishwasher.

All you need to do after using your toaster is to remove the crumb tray, which holds all the crumbs of the coast and clean it.

#4 Extra feature

Almost all the toasters have a function of defrosting, that allows you to defrosts and toast bread from the freezer immediately.

Reheat is also a necessary feature. It helps you to warm up cooled toast and ensure you do not overcook it.

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A Buyers Guide For Best Red Dot Sight Under 100

When you want to acquire your target quickly, a red sight dot is an excellent piece of equipment. In close combat, there is nothing that can be as effective as the red dot sight. When shooting, the red does sight enable the shooter to hit the target accurately and within the lowest time possible.

A significant advantage of the best red dot sight under 100 is that it is constructed in lightweight and small sizes. As a result, the rifle recoil will not be affected when shooting is done rapidly. Besides, the device is compatible with another different type of firearms. Because the market for the red dot sight is large with different models, it becomes a bit challenging for a beginner to make a choice for mcg reflex red dot sight reviews.

The primary factor that a buyer should put into consideration is the brightness setting. The setting allows the user to change his performance in a different bright environment. However, it is essential to that not that the device is incompatible to night vision.

Another factor that one should consider while purchasing the best red dot sight under 100 protection. Protecting the device against water damage is paramount and, as a result, choosing a device with an iodized aluminum casing. The casing for this sighting device will be waterproof. In addition to water resistance, it will be worth to check whether the device is resistant to fog damage.

Nonetheless, the device has an amber lens. This lens is multi-coated, making the best red dot under 100 resistant to scratch. The result will be a cleaner view, while the device is in use. Moreover, the affordability and balance quality of the device should be a factor. They are taking into account the cost of the invention. A beginner is advised to choose a red dot sight according to their preference and suitability for its application. Finally, it will be worth to check for a profile of the device. A red dot sight with a very low profile will be suitable since it will allow the user to keep the rifle sleek as well as preventing bumps.

See more scopes & sights details here.

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The Most Important Things You Know Should About Pressure Washers

Are you searching for a pressure washer that will give you that easy-work-experience? Do you just bought a brand new washer and don’t know how to use it? No need to worry about that because we’ve have a few details you need to know, to flow well with your new washer.

First of all- go for the best pressure washers in the market. Though they may be slightly expensive but their quality is what you should prioritize. Of course, there’re types of them, so your selection should be defined by the type of work you’re going to do. For instance, if it is home use, then go for 2000-3000psi pressure washers. Secondly, don’t forget that pressure counts. Knowing the right pressure needed to wipe off grimes on different surfaces is important. This is because the pressure with which the water from the machine flows can cut through delicate surfaces or materials.

To purchase a top-rated best pressure washer is one thing. Knowing how to use it effectively is another thing.  So instead of employing a professional hand to use it for you, here are the few tips we thought you should know, to be able to make most use of it:

  • Some pressure washers come with nozzles that are color-coded showing forcefulness and narrowness of spray pattern. Each color represents a specific pressure flow. The low-pressure nozzle that will get the cleaning done is preferable because, using a narrow nozzle can damage the surface you’re
  • Before kick-starting the cleaning, test the nozzle by spraying an invisible area. In this way, you would find out if the nozzle is narrow. Remember if it’s too narrow it could damage the surface you’re trying to clean.
  • When cleaning, position the tip of the nozzle at a distance and at an angle above the surface to prevent damage. Do keep the nozzle moving while spraying, to avoid pressured water cutting into the surface.
  • Winter is not friendly to some metal objects, therefore you should use Simpson pump guard pump preservative to store the machine against corrosion and freezing.

While keeping these few details mentioned above at the back of your mind, you can as well make your quickest selection among the top-rated pressure washers by one-click. This is the easiest way to find top-brands known specially for producing smart pressure washers that fit your definition of quality.

So why don’t you go for these pressure washers that have top-rated brands on them and make the most use of them?

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WHERE THE MONEY IS / Atherton, Portola Valley, Woodside among nation’s 10 richest towns

Rich people, who are the same as everyone else except richer, were sure trying hard on Tuesday not to get swelled heads about it.

The rich people of the Peninsula were doing what ordinary people do, like going grocery shopping in BMW convertibles at stores where steak sells for $21 a pound.

“We’re down-to-earth people around here,” said Bob Mullen, a longtime resident of Woodside, which, along with Atherton and Portola Valley, was declared to be one of the 10 richest towns in the country in new figures

released Tuesday by the U.S. Census Bureau. “Wealthy people can afford to be nice and normal and down-to-earth,” Mullen said. “There are one or two people in town who are real horse’s asses, and the rest of us are nice.”

The census takers said Atherton, where the average down-to-earth person makes $112,408, is the second richest place in the United States (after Rancho Santa Fe, near San Diego) and that Woodside, where a citizen makes do with $104,667, is the sixth richest.

In Portola Valley, which is 10th richest, the average income plummets to $99,621. No other U.S. region has so many down-to-earth enclaves, although the east coast of Florida has two — Palm Beach and Indian River Shores — in the top 10.

Down at Roberts Market in Woodside, where the shelves are laden with such staples as fig confit sauce and 12 flavors of biscotti cookies, the staff said its customers were very nice and not at all stuck up, especially the ones who tip you $10 to carry their bags out to the Bentley.

“We have the best meat department in the world,” said butcher Walter Seehorn, standing behind the counter full of prime steaks and $30-a-pound shrimp. “Of course, I can’t afford to shop here myself, but that’s all right.”

“It’s a Fantasyland around here,” said Keith Nash, a fellow butcher. “Old money mixing with new money. A real country club atmosphere. I don’t think you could pull this meat counter off in Redwood City.”

On the market’s bulletin board was posted an ad for a Corvette convertible ($34,900, must sell) and the minutes of the town’s architectural review board meeting, which was considering the request of one down-to-earth guy to build a 13,653-square-foot home and paint it “greenish-taupe.”

Over at the town barber shop, longtime barber Cecelia Medina was giving a customer a haircut in exchange for three bottles of Chardonnay, not an unusual Woodside transaction. Rich people, who need haircuts in much the same way that poor people do, are hard to tell from anyone else, she said.

“You don’t ask people if they’re rich, but you can tell by looking,” she said. “Even though the wealthy computer nerds are all disheveled.”


A few miles southeast, in Atherton, it was hard to find a rich person in sight. That’s because most residents live on large estates behind locked gates with security keypads out front. Not a single resident was walking around during a brief visit to America’s sixth richest town.

The gates were locked. Even some of the keypads were locked.

At one house on down-to-earth Stockbridge Avenue, a woman named Ellen Moore was actually outside, because she was getting into her car and the car was outside. She said Atherton residents occasionally run into each other while walking their dogs, which also takes place outside.

Her father, retired insurance man Robert Stewart, has lived in Atherton since 1965 and doesn’t bump into his neighbors very often. He doesn’t know who they are or even where they are.

“You never see the neighbors,” he said. “They’re all of them off doing something, I suppose.”

About the only folks visible in Atherton were plumbers, electricians, contractors and landscapers. There seemed to be a laborer’s pickup parked in every other driveway, for Atherton has work to do if it has ideas of taking over the top spot in the country from Rancho Santa Fe (average income $113, 132).

The people who the laborers were laboring for, however, remained tucked away. Some of them did venture down to the fancy car wash on El Camino Real, where a quick survey of 10 vehicles emerging from the drying end revealed two Mercedes-Benzes, two BMWs and a Range Rover.

Another person hard at work on the streets of Atherton was real estate agent Ann Stoner, who was very excited about her newest listing, a down-to- earth place with four bedrooms, three baths, two Jacuzzis and a price of $3, 595,000.

“That’s a great value for the money,” she said, which is what real estate agents say about $3,595,000 houses.

The most affordable place in Atherton turned out to be the public library, even though the fine for overdue books is 20 cents a day, or twice the amount at the San Francisco Public Library.

A library card in Atherton, however, is free. Maybe that’s why most people don’t have them, a clerk said.

“The richest people don’t come to the library,” said Will White. “What they do is send their employees to a bookstore.”

That Atherton, Woodside and Portola Valley are full of rich people may be news to the U.S. government but not to Atherton, Woodside and Portola Valley.


Tom Siebel, he of Siebel Systems, lives in Woodside. Charles Schwab, he of Charles Schwab, lives in Atherton. Larry Ellison, who requires no descriptive phrase after his name, lives in both Woodside and Atherton, although not at the same time.

White, the library clerk, said he has worked at the Atherton library a long time and if Ellison has ever dropped by to check out a book, he must have done so on White’s day off

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The best Defoamers for your hot tub

Some people ask themselves; what would a Defoamer bring to my hot tub anyway? The answer is that chemicals and dirt stick to the water after using a hot tub. A friend of mine has a hot tub and asked me: Why would you need a Defoamer for my hot tub? Having foam in your hot tub is not only fun but also has some calming effects. Using a good Defoamer is key in preventing this foam from transforming into nasty bacterias. Foam in your hot tub causes chemicals and or other dirt to create bacterias in your hot tub. This dirt and chemicals could come from swimwear, hair, shampoo or soap, hair lotion, make up and so on. When foam appears these substances are whipped up and create dirty foam layers. It not only causes bacterias, but also draining problems, damage to pipes and the dirty top layer of the hot tub. By using a good Defoamer, the foam becomes neutralized. Luckily there is a test pannel who reached out and tested a wide range of Defoamers for hot tubs. You can find the article here. There are various kinds of Defoamers, Defoamers based on oils, silicones, alcohols and glycols. The hassle of chasing the best Defoamer is discussed in the aforementioned article. When having a hot tub can provide several health benefits, a good Defoamer will make sure you also keep your hot tub in optimal condition.

The most important advantages of a good hot tub Defoamer

A good Defoamer will make the water more clear and thinner. It will make sure all the foam is neutralized and bacterias and other dirt is being filter by the hot tub pump. When all the dirt and bacterias are still in the foam, the hot tub pump and filter have no change of attacking these nasty subjects.

The most important advantages of using a hot tub Defoamer:

– It makes water more clear. Foam is one of the main reasons why water is turning murky, using a good defamer can clear the water by dissolving foam.

– It gets rid of foam build-up. It prevent foam from being build op on top of the water, balancing out the chemicals of this water.

– It makes water less thick which is mainly caused by foam.

– Chemicals and Chloride will be eliminated. Chloride and chemicals are okay to cleanse your hot tub, but it has to be neutralized when you want to get into your own hot tub. The Defoamer will do this job. Cleaning the foam will get rid of these two substances as well.

– It dissipates dirt and other bacteria and unwanted substances that build in the foam.

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