Buying Guide: Best Brass Tumbler

Brass tumbler is an important device that you need to have today. This device is very useful to help you clean the brass, so you can create a better cartridge for firing accurately. Some popular brass tumblers are available on the market. You have to consider some important factors when comparing all available brass tumblers, for example, materials, capacity, type of tumbler, reliability, and many other factors. You can find the best brass tumbler in this article.

#1 Frankford Arsenal 110V Platinum Series

This brass tumbler will be able to clean about 1000 cases of 0.223 brass on every cycle. It is an efficient device that you need to have in your home. It has a large 7-liter capacity. One of the best features of this device is its maintenance-free drivetrain. This system can eliminate the need for replacing a belt. Its timer allows you to shut down this device automatically after it finishes the work.

#2 Lyman Pro 1200 Tumbler

This device is suitable for you who are looking for an efficient brass tumbler. This device has a perfect balance between durability, economy, and capacity. It is proven to be very effective in removing oxidation, old lube, or fouling from the brass cases. Some interesting features are available in this device, for example, thermally-protected motor, advanced bowl design, and also built-in sifter lid. It can deliver a powerful cleaning action.

#3 Hornady Case Tumbler 050202 M-1

This is another popular brass tumbler that you can use in your home. This device is popular for its big size, so it can clean a lot of cases at the same time. You can get up to 400 cases of the 0.38 cases. It has a powerful cyclonic action, so you can ensure that the cleaning process can be done smoothly. Everything is designed to provide a smooth cleaning process with quiet performance. You can change batches easily because it comes with a media sifter.