What are the best two floors hamster cage?

As soon as you bring a hamster to your house, there is nothing important than providing him the right habitat and the best hamster cage. The ideal cage will make a healthy happy hamster. If you are keeping a massive hamster or more than one hamster in the cage, then you have to give him a large amount of space in the cage.
This is because hamsters like to move around a lot. The cage should be large enough to allow them to exercise and have room for other accessories. The best way to provide hamster plenty room while still save your house space is give them the two-floor hamster cage.

 #1 Acrylic hamster playhouse condos cage villa swing seesaw wooden toys

If you want to décor your house with the cool items, then you should not skip out this cage. This is two stories cage with the stairs. If you do not have a lot of space to place a large cage, you should go for this one as it measures only 13.8 x 9.8 inches, but since it is two-story cage, it still provides enough room for a dwarf hamster. However, it seems that this cage is not big enough for Syrian hamsters.
The most wonderful thing about this cage is that it comes with a number of cage accessories that will keep your pet entertained. You will not worry about you hamster will get bore in thier cage. You also does not need to purchase on lots of hamster toys.
There are a running wheel, a wooden seesaw, wooden swing, water bottle, hidden place, etc. that are includes in the cage. This cage offers all the hamsters need in the capacity. However, with so many features included, it might be a little complicate to assemble the cage.

#2 Favola Hamster Cage

This cage measures 23,6 × 14,4 × 11,8, it is relatively spacious that provide enough room for a hamster. There are two parts in the cage, the upper floor is wire mesh that is chew proof and have the ideal bar spacing to prevent your hamster from escaping. Besides, the wire mesh is also good for evenly air flow.
This well-ventilation help maintain the proper temperature, creating your hamster an ideal environment for growing. The lower part of the cage is the extended solid bottom which can catch all the droppings and made from plastic for easy cleaning.
The two floors make this a fine cage for your pet. However, the only drawback of this cage is there is the access point to the deep bottle, what might be dangerous if your hamster accidently falls through the access hole. Besides, some users complain about the water bottle included with the cage.

#3 Savic Geneva Modern Hamster Cage Grey

Another ideal cage for who want to save the space but also provide hamster plenty living space. The Savic Geneva cage measures 23. 5in x 11. 5 x 17. 5 inches, it has the small foot print, compact size cage. Savic Geneva comes with the modern two story design, which not only a large room for hamster but also unique item for your house.
What I like about this cage is that it offer almost everything your hamster need from Savic accessories such as a water bottle, feeding bowl, exercise wheel and a ladder.
There are two story is the wire upper cage and the transparent lower tank that allows you the clearly view to see your pets inside. The lower part allow you to place the thick layer of substrate, which will mimic the natural conditionals of hamster.
The lower tanks features slide door out and Geneva cage also comes with a large door on top that allows completely access into the top part of the cage. The ladder can be folded up, that means you can close the separate part when cleaning the cage.

#4 Zolux Rody 3 Duo Gerbil Cage For Hamster Mouse

If you are looking for the large cage for keeping multiple hamster at the same time, then you should go for Zolux Rody 3 Duo Cage. It measures 41x.5 cm, that means it can accommodate for up to 2 or 3 hamsters
It comes with a bottle, a wheel, a feeder, 5 angled tubes. Due to its unique design and the tube system, you hamster will never get bored with this cage.