What are the best fixed Japanese survival knives?

I have never been outdoor for a trip without the best Japanese survival knife. I love to collect the good knives as I believe that a fixed survival knife not only plays the important role when I am in dangerous and extreme situations, they also come wo handle in different other ways such as digging a hard wooden, cooking, cutting off the rope or rough weeds, etc.

And if you want to acquaint with survival knife, you will want to look over my recommendations on this list below or on this website. All these knives have been well known for their quality and longevity of handmade process. You also can see more options and types of best japan survival knife here.

#1 HONMAMON AZUMASYUSAKU Outdoor Knife 150mm Aogami Steel with Case

On the top of this list, I would like to introduce HONMAMON AZUMASYUSAKU Outdoor Knife. As a specific feature of Japanese knives, this is also completely hand made by the knife-maker. It has a usual look easy to used. It offers amazing performance that can cut thoroughly any material you want. Best Japanese Survival Knife that made by japan

You can expect about its gorgeous appearance. The blade is made of Aogami steel 2, what ensure its significant sharpness. The blade length is 150 mm handle. The woody handle is usable for both left and right hander. It has the round shape, strong, and being made to be handy and perfect fits all hands size. The knife comes with a sheath, which ensure your safety and protect the blade.

It is about 220g weight a standard thickness of 4.5 mm, this knife will satisfy any knife lover. You do not need to spend lots of effort using this knife. It is absolutely perfect knife for both outdoor and hunting activities or even for self defence in unfortunate situation.

#2 KA-BAR Cleveland OH 1237 Seki Japan Fixed Blade Skinner Hunting Knife Old Stock Vintage

KA-BAR company is widely famous for providing long durable and unique hunting and survival knife. KA-BAR Cleveland OH 1237 Seki Japan Fixed Blade Skinner Hunting Fishing Knife Old Stock Vintage is always ranked on the top of best survival Japanese survival knives. It has an overall length of 9.75 inches, with the blade length is 5 3/16 inches. This size may be a little small for some people.

The blade is made of 440b stainless steel material, this material makes the blade very hard and strong. If you are looking for the high-quality materials and durable knife, this one is good option for you as it can be able to hold the edge for a long time without need to be sharpen.

It comes with the great handle as it is handy enough and made out of stacked leather with a brass guard. There is also an aluminium pommel that cover the end of the handle.  I also satisfy the sheath of this knife as this leather sheath will keep it safe while not in use and it also can help clip the knife onto your belt loop for easy carrying.

#3 Masano Skinner Knife Walnut Wood Handle110 Super-Blue Steel kais-001

I really high appreciate this knife because its design bears the stamp of Japan cultural and classic. It is also 100% handmade by Japanese people. This nice looking knife is multiple use that should be needed when your life is endangered and also for many other missions when you are outdoor. I am a knife lover and I had a great collection of knives so I would like to recommend this knife for everyone.

The Masano Skinner Knife has the sharpest blade ever great. It is a superior quality Damascus blade that is made of extreme quality blue steel material. And the blade also has the ideal size of 3mm in thickness and 4.33 in width. It also features with half tang.

The handle is polished for shine coat and made of walnut woods. The rounded shape. thick handle will give you firmly and comfortable grip. The blade and the handle is connected by the round metal pins. The full length of the knife is 8.85 inches and very light and easy to carry outdoor. General speaking, this knife is ideal for multiple purpose. And although it is not the cheapest knife but you will get the value that worth your money.