What are different types of best survival jacket?

When you are going to be in the wilderness under hardest weather conditions, without the survival jacket, you cannot defeat the cold and the rain. The best survival jacket will helps prevent frostbite, hypothermia, and other cold-weather injuries.

Choosing the correct survival clothing could end up saving your life. If you have no ideal about survival jacket. This post are some different types of them that we hope will help you find the best one for your trip.

#1 Hard-shell Jacket

Hard-shell jacket is designed to protect you from even hardest weather and other elements such as snow, rain, and wind. It is versatile because it is thin and lightweight. Hơever, the drawback of hard-shell jacket is that it is not really effective to keep you warm. It does not have an isulation layer.

Besides, most hard-shell jackets are not good at breathable as its purpose is to seal out water. But you can wear several layers under the hard-shell jacket and it can keep you warm.

#2 Soft-shell jacket

Softshell jacket is designed to keep you warm. It is highly breathable and also can be waterproof. Due to these features, it can be considered as one the most common survival jackets on the market.

This jacket usually be used for hiking and climbing. A softshell jacket is extremely versatile as it allow the water to evaporate and its stretchy features. The drawback is that it is not designed especially for waterproof so it cannot protect you from rain. It is also not work great in the extreme weather conditions.

#3 Windshell

Windshell jacket or can be known as windbreaker. This jacket has low rain resistance. It is a lightweight jacket designed to protect you when the weather turns windy and chilly. It will come to handy when you need to carry it out for the camping trip as it is lightweight and versatile. It also usually includes a hood that will help protect you head from cold wind.

However, this jacket only perfect to use as an outer layer in the cooler seasons, not in the cold, rain or snowlike conditions.

#4 Fleece Jacket

Fleece make a versatile jacket. Fleece is warm, sodt, and breathable material. It is a warm jacket to wear when hiking, camping in a cold enviroment, but not when it is too cold. Because fleece is not designed to prevent moisture, so it cannot keep you dry.

Fleece jacket is lightweight that you can easy stash into a backpack for a quick weekend camping trip, a day hike.