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What are the safe chewing toy for rat?

Do you know that rat teethes start growing when they are born and do not stop growing until they die? This is why the best rat toy for chewing is necessary for their dental health since their teeth need to be constantly worn down.
Your rat is going to need to chew on an assortment of different materials. Besides, rats were stuck in a cage all day, you would want give them something to entertain. Chewing toys is one of the best ways to keep them busy. Due to that, your rat won’t chew on items that you do not want him to chew on.

#1 Wooden Chewing toys

This is the easiest chewing toy to find that old at pet stores. Some rats seem to dislike plain wood chews, if your rat is one of them you may have to provide a flavored chew. Also, you can soak the wood block in juice to improve its taste.
If you choose a wood you find in the back yard, you have to ensure that it is safe for rats, with no preservatives and if you buy it, ensure that the wood has not been treated with any type of toxic materials.

#2 Bird and Hamster Toys

This is may be a change that rat toy aisle in your local pet store may be pretty limited or do not exist, but you can totally looking for some alternative toys and chews for your rat there. Wooden hanging bird toys can be a great, they are also safe to gnaw on form of entertainment for your rat. Toys that are designed for other rodents like hamster for chewing are also safe to use for rats.

#3 Household Items

There is also another way to give chewing toys for rat if you cannot find it in the local pet store. You can give your rat a hard-shelled nut, such as a macadamia or pecan, to chew on. You can also give your rats bones to chew (cooked bones) such as those that come from beef or chicken. Some rats even enjoy chewing on hard dog biscuits or chew toys for dog that are designed to stand up to heavy chewing

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What is the Best home remedies to beat horse fly?

Aside from getting the best fly spray for horses, it is even better to reduce the amount of flies that are around your horses. Not to mention the overuse of commerce has caused many flies to become resistant to fly spray.

In order to help you repel and beat the horse fly, this post will show you some natural home remedies for fly control that not only effective but also less costly as well.

#1 Feeding your horse with garlic

Sound very simple but this is one of the most effective ways. Garlic will create a strong smell that flies dislike. Garlic will increases an alkaline pH levels in the horse’sbody, while flies are attracted to acidic environments.

You can add a few amount of garlic in the horse’s diet and feeding them daily. But always remember to control the amount of it since overfeeding garlic can lead to anemia in horses. The amount of garlic that you are allowed to feed them will depend on the size of your horses. You also should asked the vet for it before feeding.

#2 Prevention

As mention below, it is even more important to reduce the amount of flies and prevent them than getting the best fly spray for horse. In order to prevent and keep the flies stay away from your stable, keep it as clean and tidy as possible.

Clean the horse’s stable every day and remove any manure from their pasture regularly. Horses fly start their lifespan in the water, they also be attracted by the water. So you have to get rid of any standing water, wet areas, and rain barrels. Trying to keep the stable dry. Empty, clean out and refill all water troughs regularly will prevent the growth and breed of flies.

#3 Avon Skin So Soft

Avon Skin So Soft is often recommended for fly control. You can use it for both human and pets. Adding it to your skin and horse’s body to combat blackflies in the spring. It is not last for so long, so you have to reapply often.

#4 Essential Oils

The scents of certain essential oil are unpleasant to fly. Eucalyptus oil, citronella oil, geranium, lemongrass, thyme, lavender, tea tree, etc can keep fly stay away. Mix it with water in a spray bottle to apply it to your horse’s body. You can use the best horse grooming brushes to spread the oil evenly. However, the drawback that this spray will attracts dust.

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The best Leopard gecko substrates requirements

The best leopard gecko substrate is a vital aspect that impacts your leopard gecko’s well being. Choosing the wrong substrates can lead to some health problems for your pet or even death.

There are so many options for substrates for leopard gecko. Some of them are safe, some are unhealthy, and some substrates are controversial. This article will help you to choose the most matching substrates for your leopard gecko.

 What are the leopard gecko substrates requirements?

The leopard geckos will spend most of their time walking, run, feed, and poop on substrates. In sum, almost their activities even burrow holes and lay eggs have happened under the substrates. Due to this, leopard gecko substrates have to safe for geckos and do not maintain any matters that cause the dead is possible.

The frequency that you should clean and change the substrates depends on the type of substrate. What is better on absorbent will take you less time of cleaning and changing. When changing substrates, you can just change the dirty part of them, not all the substrate in the tank.

Finding the best leopard gecko substrate that easies to clean, change. It is better to use recycle substrates, which will reduce the cost of habitat upkeep and also environment friendly.

Note that the best substrates should not cause irritation to leopard gecko’s skin. And also not built up the dust and get the risk of respiratory problems for leopard gecko.

Good substrates for leopard gecko

Paper towel:

This material is cheap, easy to change and very absorbent. Paper towels will be the best substrates bedding leopard geckos for the baby because they will defecate frequently. Especially this material totally safe with your pet.

Stone slate:

This material is good at grip, have a natural apparent and easy to clean. Ensure that there are not any sharp edges that can get your pet hurt.

Reptile carpet:

This material is good at grip and absorbent but the down point is that it can get dirty and smelly in a short time.

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Best hedgehog foods: What do hedgehogs eat?

It is not a surprise that the hedgehogs diet is the main concern of any hedgehog owners. Providing your hedgehogs the right food is essential if you want them to thrive and live a long and happy life. There are many best hedgehog foods on the market that provide ideal nutritional components for a hedgehog to eat.

But you also have to know the hedgehog’s nutrient requirement and what hedgehogs should be eating, so you can make the right decision of choosing best commerce food for them.

#1 Overview of hedgehog food

In the wild, hedgehog will eat a variety of foods, includes insects. Different species of hedgehogs will have slightly varied diets but the main course for them is insects. Insects and beetles take over 70% of their key nutrients.

You can feed your hedgehog with: mealworms, wax worms, crickets, small amount of fresh fruit (apples, bananas, berries, melons), vegetables (tomatoes, green beans, cooked squash), cooked meat, cooked eggs, etc.

#2 Commerce hedgehog’s food

Hedgehog’s diet will consist of either hedgehog or cat food. You are recommended to provide your pets with cat food since it includes the essential nutritional requirements for hedgehog diet.

Cat food is even better than the food that specifically made for hedgehog because cat food is much cheaper, easy to find and always available at any pet store. Moreover, the cat foot ingredients also tend to have higher quality. Therefor, you can use cat food as the staple food for your hedgehog’s diet.

#3 How much should you feed your hedgehog?

Hedgehogs are the animals that prone to obesity, so it is essential to control the amount of food you feed them in the hedgehog cage. Hedgehogs do not eat much, the amount of food that your hedgehog will eat daily is measured in tablespoons.  An adult hedgehog should only be fed one to two tablespoons of staple food, one teaspoon of fruit and vegetable and some insects per day.

You can feed them a litter more for larger and active hedgehogs. But you have to monitor their weight by using a baby scale. Hedgehogs will become more active and burn their energy at night. This may be the time that they eat most, so don’t worry if you don’t see it eating much during the day. The water bowl should be clean, replace and refill at least one a day. Any uneaten food also should be disposed of the next day.

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How Many Mealworms Should A Bearded Dragon Eat?

You could notice that your bearded dragons like to eat mealworms. But mealworms not really good for breaded dragons since there is a lot of fat and phosphor contained in them but just a little protein and calcium.

Therefore, mealworms should not be given as main food for bearded dragons; they only should be a small part or treat in bearded dragons diet.

So how many mealworms should a bearded dragon eat? This post is mealworms feeding guide that every bearded dragon keepers should know.

Can baby bearded dragons eat mealworm?

No, they cannot. Do not feed your baby dragons with mealworms. Mealworms have a rough structure and a big size, therefore they quite hart for babies to digest.

There is a risk of intestinal blockage, impaction or even death for your baby bearded dragons if you allow them to eat mealworms.

Moreover, mealworms contain lots of fat and less nutrition so they do not provide nutrients that the babies need to grow. Instead, you can feed them cricket, small dubia roaches, tiny wax worms and other small insects.

Can juvenile bearded dragons eat mealworms?

Above 6 months juveniles can eat mealworms. But they should only eat mealworms only once or twice per week. Provide mealworms for them as treat. Feeding them the younger mealworms because this is softer and easy to digest.

Besides, you should control the number of mealworms that you feed bearded dragons at one time. Avoid feeding a big or giant meal since it might cause an impaction. Only offering 1 to 2 worms each meal.

Note: Bearded dragon owners should never place mealworms directly on the substrate. If the mealworms are still strong and crawl out of the food dish, you should use a reptile carpet. This is the best substrates bedding bearded dragons with little effect on their digestive system.

How many mealworms can an adult bearded dragon eat?

When they are over 18 months old, they know how to digest mealworms properly. But in this period of lifetime, your dragons should eat more vegetables than when they were young.

So you can feed them mealworms once per week and rotate mealworms with the other live food.

Mealworms are not a staple well-balanced diet. Adult bearded dragons can eat 5-6 mealworms per meal but not daily feeding.

Feeding bearded dragons with many amounts of mealworms may make them obese. However, female dragons who are pregnant can be offered more food than normal.

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What are the best cages for Dwarf hamster?

It is not an easy task to get the proper cage for Dwarf hamsters that meet all their requirements. This is because Dwarf hamster are much smaller than Syrian hamster but they require plenty of floor space to run and play. It is recommended that they should be kept in the cage at least 24 inches x 12 inches x 12 inches.
You will have to provide them the large cage to keep your Dwarf always be active and happy. In order to help you save your time of researching, here are the best hamster habitat for Dwarf that you should consider.

#1 Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage

Dwarf hamster should be given a large cage to live a long happy life and this 340 square inch cage of Ferplast will provide your pet enough space to play and explore. This is two-story cage with the bottom base part is made of transparent robust plastic, which will allow you the full visibility to watch your pet and see the situation inside. And the upper part is wire mesh for plenty of ventilation.
This cage will worth your money as it includes all you need like water bottle, feeding dish, ramp, exercise wheel, and hideaway.

#2 Rosewood Abode Dwarf Hamster Cage

This cage is specific designed for small animals like dwarf hamster or mice. Unlike the previous option, this cage is a covered cage. That means it will protect your hamster from other pets better while features with top air vents for well ventilation.
It comes with a den, when your dwarf hamster can snooze in as well as the upper shelves for him to play and do exercises. It comes with drop-in bottle, wheel and dish.

#3 Habitrail OVO Dwarf Hamster / Mouse Habitat Lage

This cage of OVO has been designed especially to create an innovative, unique home for dwarf hamster. Your hamster will love to run around and play in this cage due to the tubes and tunnels. However, it is suitable for dwarf breed only as the tubes and tunnels may be too small for Syrian hamster.
It features 4 parts, these parts are connected by the tubes. With the main living room in the middle, 2 parts on the sides and one on top. Rounded corners designed will prevent your dwarf from chewing and make cleaning easy.

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Factors Affect How Old Can Bearded Dragons Get

It is needless to say that bearded dragons are one of the most popular animals to rise as a pet due to their personality and unique appearance. Besides, one more reason that makes them the perfect pets is bearded dragons have a long lifespan like the other pets such as dogs and cats.

If you wonder how old can bearded dragons get and what are the factors will affect their lifespan, this post will help you explore all these things.

How long can bearded dragons live?

The lifespan of bearded dragons will be different depending on their environments.  In the natural environment, bearded dragons will have to be faced with some dangerous factors because they can be the food for a natural predator.

They also have the risk of diseases and illnesses. Therefore, the wild bearded dragon can live a maximum of 5-8 years.

So how old do bearded dragons get in the captivity? With the proper care and the good condition, bearded dragons in the enclosure can life can last for 8-12 years, it is not a short time for pets.

And if they have been kept under super condition, your dragons can reach their maximum lifespan for 12-14 years. It is believed that there are some very rare cases of bearded dragons that can live up to 19 years old.

Things influenced bearded dragons lifespan


Bearded dragons should have a well-balanced diet, which includes vegetables, fruits, live insects and also vitamin supplements and calcium powder. The babies require more insects and nutrients to grow while the adults should only eat 20% of insects in their diet.


There are some things that bearded dragons will need in their captivity life such as proper heating, lighting, correct tank size, substrate. With only one of these things is missing or inadequacy, it can affect the quality of life or even decrease the lifespan of your pet.


One of those reasons that make the female bearded dragons has a shorter lifespan than the males is because of breeding. The stress during the pregnancy and childbirth process can reduce the female dragon’s lifespan, especially if you allow them to pregnancy then they are not old enough.


Bearded dragons can only live a long life if they have enough space. Bearded dragons require space to basking, shelter, and do exercise.

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What are the best canister filters for fish tank?

The best tank filer will help you create a clean, healthy environment for your fish. It removes fish water, uneaten food, and potentially harmful chemicals. And if you have tried some filters before, but not any of them can meets your need of provide extremely clean water, you should go with one of those canister filters on this list.
Canister filter is the most powerful with vast water flow and quite filter on the market. However, this is also the most expensive filter. If you have a large aquarium with high population density and heavy bio loads, canister filter may be the best option you can get.

#1 Fluval FX4High Performance Aquarium Canister Filter

Fluval canister filter provide three types of filtration and five stages filtration system. This filter has 700 GPH, that means it can handle 700 gallons water per hour, making it suitable for 250 gallons aquariums. It is also installed outside of the tank, so you will not need to worry that it will take lots of space interior. It is also convenient when you need to change the filter media.
Fluval FX4 features outlet pipe and smart pump so it does not require manual pump, it siphon water off automatically. Not only that, it comes with all the filter media but you also can choose to use the media you want. However, the drawback is that canister is pretty difficult to service as you will need to practically disassemble all the filter when you want to clean the insides.
One more pro is that due to its effectiveness, this compact powerful filter is also costly, you will have to pay about $280 to get one, so it is only recommended for the large tank with heavy bioload.

#2 Polar Aurora Free Media 4-Stage External Canister Filter

If you are looking for another powerful filter but you are on the limited budget, this filter of Polar Aurora is best value for the money. It provides great effective within a affordable price. It is obvious that it cannot do better than Fluval FX4, however it’s reasonably priced compared to other filters with the same capacity.
At $85, this filter will not disappoint you, this is why I would like to recommend it for users. It features 4 filter media tray that allow you to add the filter media that you prefer of mechanical, chemical, and biological filter media. The outstanding point of Polar Aurora filter is that it comes with 9-watt UV sterilizer, that will help prevents the growth of algae spores and bad bacteria in the water.
It is 525 GPH and can be used for the tank up to 200 gallons. It also features self-priming pump, what make it easy to use due to the automatic siphoned. Plus, this filter is super quiet operation.

#3 Penn Plax Aquarium Cascade Canister Filter

This is the only multiple use filter on this list as it can be used for both freshwater and saltwater fish tanks. Cascade 1500 filter of penn Plax provide 5 filter media trays and works at 350GPH, which make it work great in the aquariums up to 200 gallons.
If features 360 degree rotate flow valves, which allow it easy siphoned even in the tightest aquarium cabinets. The only disadvantage of this filter is that when it operates, this filter will make a lot of chattering and grinding sounds, this may disturb you.

#4 EHEIM Classic External Canister Filter with Media

The flow rate of EHEIM external canister is 164 GPH that is recommended for tanks up to 95 gallons. If you are worry about cleaning issues of canister, this filter will solve your problem as is features filter sponges and other types of loose filter media, that means you does not need to disassemble the whole filter whenever you need to clean it.
It also features permo-elastic silicon sealing ring, which will hold the filter secure in the position while working in the aquarium. It also prevents the change of leakage issues that has been meet in other fish tank filters.

#5 Sunsun Hw304B 525GPH Pro Canister Filter Kit with 9-watt UV Sterilizer

This filter comes with large capability of 525 GPH, that means if you have the large tank, you should get this filter. Sun Sun filter can easily handle various aquariums up to 150 gallons. As long as you proper maintain it, this filter can work great and faster than other models.
The attractive feature of this filter is that it comes with 9W UV sterilizer, which will kill the harmful algae and bad bacteria that exist in the water. If you are worry about the noise, this model is quite silent when it operate. You can place your aquarium in the room that you use to relax without the noise from tank filter.

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Best digital aquarium thermometer: VEE GEE Digital Thermometer vs Zacro LCD Digital Aquarium Thermometer

If the temperature inside the tank suddenly changes, your fish will fall ill and cause the dead is possible. Maintaining the constant internal environment for your aquarium is absolutely necessary for keeping healthy fish.

One decided to get a start and set up an aquarium, you should consider and ensure the proper water temperature inside the tank. When it comes to measuring temperature, there is nothing better than the best digital aquarium thermometer.

Here we discuss 2 main different types of digital thermometer available: VEE GEE Digital Thermometer vs Zacro LCD Digital Aquarium Thermometer.

#1 Easy to use and install

The best aquarium thermometers are used for only one job is to measure water temperature, so there is no need to buy anything that is complicated to use and install.

Zacro thermometer includes 2 major parts are an LCD display and a submersible probe. It features a suction cup, which allows you to attach the LCD display to the outside wall of the tank for easy monitor and the probe is placed inside the tank to measure water temperature.

VEE GEE thermometer is a bit different in design. It includes a moderate size display, which shows the temperature and the external sensor. This thermometer does not need to be attracted to the tank all the time.

You will need to submerge the external sensor in the tank for a few seconds and the display will show the result. The drawback is that you will have to do this and repeat once you need to know the temperature. This thermometer is not stuck into the tank so it will not always show the result.

#2 Temperature range

Each species of fish will require its own temperature level. Tropical fish need higher temperatures than temperate fish. Zacro thermometer is a reading range of  -50 degrees Celsius~ + 70 degrees Celsius. You can also switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

The temperature range of VEE GEE thermometer is between -10 to +100°C or +14 to +212°F. It can be read in both Fahrenheit and Celsius too. Due to its wide range of temperatures, this thermometer is ideal for a tropical fish tank, which requires a warmer temperature level.

#3 Accuracy

The most important criteria of evaluation for the best thermometer is how accurate this thermometer is. Digital aquarium thermometer tends to have the most accurate reading since it does not be affected by any external factors such as room temperature, whether, ventilation, etc.

Zacro thermometer provides the accuracy of +/-1 C degrees. And VEE GEE thermometer offers an accuracy range from 0,1 to +/-0,5 C degrees. Both two thermometers provide a high level of accurate results.

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What are the best two floors hamster cage?

As soon as you bring a hamster to your house, there is nothing important than providing him the right habitat and the best hamster cage. The ideal cage will make a healthy happy hamster. If you are keeping a massive hamster or more than one hamster in the cage, then you have to give him a large amount of space in the cage.
This is because hamsters like to move around a lot. The cage should be large enough to allow them to exercise and have room for other accessories. The best way to provide hamster plenty room while still save your house space is give them the two-floor hamster cage.

 #1 Acrylic hamster playhouse condos cage villa swing seesaw wooden toys

If you want to décor your house with the cool items, then you should not skip out this cage. This is two stories cage with the stairs. If you do not have a lot of space to place a large cage, you should go for this one as it measures only 13.8 x 9.8 inches, but since it is two-story cage, it still provides enough room for a dwarf hamster. However, it seems that this cage is not big enough for Syrian hamsters.
The most wonderful thing about this cage is that it comes with a number of cage accessories that will keep your pet entertained. You will not worry about you hamster will get bore in thier cage. You also does not need to purchase on lots of hamster toys.
There are a running wheel, a wooden seesaw, wooden swing, water bottle, hidden place, etc. that are includes in the cage. This cage offers all the hamsters need in the capacity. However, with so many features included, it might be a little complicate to assemble the cage.

#2 Favola Hamster Cage

This cage measures 23,6 × 14,4 × 11,8, it is relatively spacious that provide enough room for a hamster. There are two parts in the cage, the upper floor is wire mesh that is chew proof and have the ideal bar spacing to prevent your hamster from escaping. Besides, the wire mesh is also good for evenly air flow.
This well-ventilation help maintain the proper temperature, creating your hamster an ideal environment for growing. The lower part of the cage is the extended solid bottom which can catch all the droppings and made from plastic for easy cleaning.
The two floors make this a fine cage for your pet. However, the only drawback of this cage is there is the access point to the deep bottle, what might be dangerous if your hamster accidently falls through the access hole. Besides, some users complain about the water bottle included with the cage.

#3 Savic Geneva Modern Hamster Cage Grey

Another ideal cage for who want to save the space but also provide hamster plenty living space. The Savic Geneva cage measures 23. 5in x 11. 5 x 17. 5 inches, it has the small foot print, compact size cage. Savic Geneva comes with the modern two story design, which not only a large room for hamster but also unique item for your house.
What I like about this cage is that it offer almost everything your hamster need from Savic accessories such as a water bottle, feeding bowl, exercise wheel and a ladder.
There are two story is the wire upper cage and the transparent lower tank that allows you the clearly view to see your pets inside. The lower part allow you to place the thick layer of substrate, which will mimic the natural conditionals of hamster.
The lower tanks features slide door out and Geneva cage also comes with a large door on top that allows completely access into the top part of the cage. The ladder can be folded up, that means you can close the separate part when cleaning the cage.

#4 Zolux Rody 3 Duo Gerbil Cage For Hamster Mouse

If you are looking for the large cage for keeping multiple hamster at the same time, then you should go for Zolux Rody 3 Duo Cage. It measures 41x.5 cm, that means it can accommodate for up to 2 or 3 hamsters
It comes with a bottle, a wheel, a feeder, 5 angled tubes. Due to its unique design and the tube system, you hamster will never get bored with this cage.

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