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Can I use only one single bulb in tortoise terrarium?

We all know that tortoise lighting requirement in the enclosure includes: enough white light to see as it will create night & day cycle, heat to help metabolize, and UVB light to help the synthesis of vitamin D3.

However, learning about the right bulbs and how to mount them in your tortoise terrarium are complicate tasks for any tortoise owner. Therefore, some owners want to keep things simple by using an all-in-one bulb, which will serve all your heating and lighting needs. Is all-in-one bulb really effective?

#1 What is all-in-one bulb?

In fact, you can satisfy all of your turtle’s light needs with one lamp, if you like. This lamp is mercury vapor lamps. Not only one of the best uvb bulbs for tortoise, mercury vapor bulbs also provide heat and daylight UVA. If you want to keep things simple or do not have a lot of space, this all-in-one bulb can be the alternative.

Mercury vapor bulbs also cone down in price quite a bit in compare with the past couple of years. Instead of using three or more separate bulbs, you can save a little money and energy cost to light you your tortoise enclosure.

#2 Is one single bulb really effective?

You need to be careful when providing UV rays and heat to your tortoise as you have to ensure that your pet will receive right amount of UV rays they need, both under supplying and over supplying will cause harm over time.

I would like to recommend you use separate bulbs for tortoise enclosure. This is because while every tortoise needs UVB, daylight, and heat, some need it in different quantities to others, and this all depends on where their species originates from. It is not sure that one single bulb can serve right amount of heat and UV as needs of your particular species.

#3 Why you should be careful with all-in-one bulb?

Visible light is usually within the UVA range, and while many UVB specific bulbs provide both visible white light and UVB, but not all of them provide the full spectrum of color, which can interfere with natural behaviors.

To ensure your tortoises have enough light they need, it is better to provide another light source for them. It can be ambient room lighting from a window, or another bulb for the enclosure.

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Aquarium vs terrarium: Which is better for snake?

There are many tanks for housing snake to consider out there, which might cause your decision-making process to be more difficult, especially if you have no prior experience. Terrarium are generally most common type of enclosure for snakes.

While some other snake owner prefers to use aquarium to keep their pet snakes. Aquarium not come with any door but five side that designed to hold water.

#1 General snake enclosure requirement

Whether you choose aquarium or terrarium, it is important to ensure that they ensure some requirements below. The snake enclosure should be easy to clean, strong enough to protect your pet for a long period. Different species of snake have different space requirement, but as a basic rule, a snake needs a cage with a perimeter that is twice as long as the snake is.

When it comes to the heights, a snake will require at least 18 to 24 inches of cage height. Besides, the snake enclosure must be able to amount heating and lighting fixtures.

#2 pros and cons of terrariums

The biggest advantage of terrarium over an aquarium is that it includes a front door. The front doors allow you much more easier to access your snake, feeding, cleaning, maintaining the habitat than a lid.

Not only that, the best snake terrarium is designed with a screen top, this will ensure the well ventilation as well as more secure than an aquarium with an aftermarket or homemade top.

However, the drawback is that the glass terrariums are usually made of thinner glass than aquarium, this is because terrariums are not designed to hold the weight and pressure of water. Thinner glass means that they also less durable, and reduces the amount of insulation the glass provides.

#3 Pros and cons of aquarium

Many snake owners keep their pet in an aquarium but it is not an ideal enclosure for snake. This is because aquarium is not especially design for snake with dimensions not suitable. Though it is easy to find aquariums with 4 feet or more in length, and those with lots of height in the market. But these aquariums don’t have appreciate depth, with snake cages require about 18 to 30 inches of depth.

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Best hedgehog foods: What do hedgehogs eat?

It is not a surprise that the hedgehogs diet is the main concern of any hedgehog owners. Providing your hedgehogs the right food is essential if you want them to thrive and live a long and happy life. There are many best hedgehog foods on the market that provide ideal nutritional components for a hedgehog to eat.

But you also have to know the hedgehog’s nutrient requirement and what hedgehogs should be eating, so you can make the right decision of choosing best commerce food for them.

#1 Overview of hedgehog food

In the wild, hedgehog will eat a variety of foods, includes insects. Different species of hedgehogs will have slightly varied diets but the main course for them is insects. Insects and beetles take over 70% of their key nutrients.

You can feed your hedgehog with: mealworms, wax worms, crickets, small amount of fresh fruit (apples, bananas, berries, melons), vegetables (tomatoes, green beans, cooked squash), cooked meat, cooked eggs, etc.

#2 Commerce hedgehog’s food

Hedgehog’s diet will consist of either hedgehog or cat food. You are recommended to provide your pets with cat food since it includes the essential nutritional requirements for hedgehog diet.

Cat food is even better than the food that specifically made for hedgehog because cat food is much cheaper, easy to find and always available at any pet store. Moreover, the cat foot ingredients also tend to have higher quality. Therefor, you can use cat food as the staple food for your hedgehog’s diet.

#3 How much should you feed your hedgehog?

Hedgehogs are the animals that prone to obesity, so it is essential to control the amount of food you feed them in the hedgehog cage. Hedgehogs do not eat much, the amount of food that your hedgehog will eat daily is measured in tablespoons.  An adult hedgehog should only be fed one to two tablespoons of staple food, one teaspoon of fruit and vegetable and some insects per day.

You can feed them a litter more for larger and active hedgehogs. But you have to monitor their weight by using a baby scale. Hedgehogs will become more active and burn their energy at night. This may be the time that they eat most, so don’t worry if you don’t see it eating much during the day. The water bowl should be clean, replace and refill at least one a day. Any uneaten food also should be disposed of the next day.

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What is the Best home remedies to beat horse fly?

Aside from getting the best fly spray for horses, it is even better to reduce the amount of flies that are around your horses. Not to mention the overuse of commerce has caused many flies to become resistant to fly spray.

In order to help you repel and beat the horse fly, this post will show you some natural home remedies for fly control that not only effective but also less costly as well.

#1 Feeding your horse with garlic

Sound very simple but this is one of the most effective ways. Garlic will create a strong smell that flies dislike. Garlic will increases an alkaline pH levels in the horse’sbody, while flies are attracted to acidic environments.

You can add a few amount of garlic in the horse’s diet and feeding them daily. But always remember to control the amount of it since overfeeding garlic can lead to anemia in horses. The amount of garlic that you are allowed to feed them will depend on the size of your horses. You also should asked the vet for it before feeding.

#2 Prevention

As mention below, it is even more important to reduce the amount of flies and prevent them than getting the best fly spray for horse. In order to prevent and keep the flies stay away from your stable, keep it as clean and tidy as possible.

Clean the horse’s stable every day and remove any manure from their pasture regularly. Horses fly start their lifespan in the water, they also be attracted by the water. So you have to get rid of any standing water, wet areas, and rain barrels. Trying to keep the stable dry. Empty, clean out and refill all water troughs regularly will prevent the growth and breed of flies.

#3 Avon Skin So Soft

Avon Skin So Soft is often recommended for fly control. You can use it for both human and pets. Adding it to your skin and horse’s body to combat blackflies in the spring. It is not last for so long, so you have to reapply often.

#4 Essential Oils

The scents of certain essential oil are unpleasant to fly. Eucalyptus oil, citronella oil, geranium, lemongrass, thyme, lavender, tea tree, etc can keep fly stay away. Mix it with water in a spray bottle to apply it to your horse’s body. You can use the best horse grooming brushes to spread the oil evenly. However, the drawback that this spray will attracts dust.

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What should be in a best horse grooming kit list?

Grooming kits is the collection of brushes, combs and some other tools that are needed to remove the finer particles of dust and detritus from your horse’s coat for cleaning, shining and healthy. The complete basic grooming kit will make your work of grooming so much easier.

Each brush or comb in the kit serves a different purpose. And this listed below is the most common items that you should look for in the best horse grooming kit.

#1 Curry comb

A curry comb should be used as the first tool of grooming process. It usually has the circular or oval shape and made from rubber. The curry coomb are used in a circular motion while grooming in order to remove excess dirt and hair for stubborn grime

In addition, there is metal curry comb with rows of serrated metal. It can be use on the winter to remove winter coat from the horse.

#2 Body brush

A body brush is the first essential tool in every horse grooming kit. A body brush also has to known as a soft brush with versatile soft bristles that are used all over the horse’s body.

Body brush is used to get rid of any grease, dirt, and dust from the coat. Due to the soft bristles, it can be used on sensitive areas such as the head; the bristles also help to distribute the natural oils in horse’s coat.

#3 Dandy brush

Beside a soft bristles brush, you also need a long stiff bristles brush, and this is a dandy brush. The dandy brush is usually used on the less sensitive area in the horse body. This dust will help to remove any dirt or hair in the dry surface that the curry comb missed.

#4 Hoof Pick

Another essential that cannot miss in any grooming kit is the hoof pick. This is the tool that used to remove dirt and stones that trapped under the horse’s hooves. Hoof picks are usually made out of plastic or metal that includes a hooked metal and a brush on other side.

#5 Mane & Tail brush

As the longest hair in the horse coat, main and tail should be brushed not only to remove dirt and loose hair but also to remove knots and tangles. The mane and tail brush will keep your horse tangle free. It usually made form sturdy plastic, allows you to brush through quickly and easily.

#6 Sponge

It is not the necessary tool but a sponge is great to have if you need to give your horse a bath or cool them down. A sponge will help to clean horse’s eyes, nose and dock area while bathing, as well as clean wounds.

#7 Sweat scraper

Sweat scraper is used to remove access water after bathing or sweat from the horse. It comes in metal or rubber blades with a handle that allow you to wipe away sweat and water.

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What Is The Best Outdoor Insulated Rabbit Hutch?

In the wild, rabbits would live in underground burrows to reduce the affect of temperature changing between summer and winter. This is why instead of the best outdoor rabbit hutch; you also pay attention on insulation of the hutch.

In order to helps your rabbits to keep warm and healthy throughout the cold winter and cool in the summer, we will introduce here outdoor insulated rabbit hutches and some advices that you may need to protect your bunnies from the harsh weather.

#1 TRIXIE Pet Products 2-in-1 Rabbit Hutch with Insulation

This hutch is ideal for rabbits to keep warm in the winter and be cold in the summer. There is the Styrofoam insulation in the outer walls for added protection, protects against cold. Not only that, the mesh windows feature removable plastic panels in front, which allow you to control the airflow, protection against draft.

Additionally, the use of solid wood construction, the finest materials, and a glazed pine finish making this hutch stay durable for years and take just a little maintenance. The hinged roof also has a special weatherproof coating, so you can rest your mind that your rabbits will be safe in this hutch.

#2 5ft Chartwell Double Rabbit Hutch

This hutch is made of wood and wire mesh. All the wire mesh windows of this hutch come with the removable winter panels. When the panels are fitted, it will prevent draft, allow the light into the hutch but also ensure the optimal security for your pets

Besides, under the roof is a polypropylene twin skin rigid membrane with an air gap, which will keep your rabbits stay warm in the hutch as well as waterproof. The air gap provides an insulating barrier inside the hutch to help prevent heat loss. Being made of 10mm thick wood make this hutch last for so long even in the harsh whether.

#3 Tips to keep rabbit warm in winter

You should using straw, rather than hay to place or fill the gap inside the hutch or use it as the rabbit litter. This is because straw is thicker stalk than hay that will trap more air and better insulator. Your rabbit even can eat straw.

Using the cardboard to cover the inside wall of the hutch. Cardboard will help against draft and insulate. You can use cardboard to cover the sleeping compartment or nest boxes in the hutch.

Wet conditions can decrease rabbit’s body temperature very quickly, thus you have to ensure that the hutch is dry. Changing the bedding frequently so that it is always clean and dry.

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Best goat clippers: Best Choice Products Goat Clippers vs Yescom 380W Farm Electric Goat Clippers

Clipping goat and hoof trimmers for goats are not just a competition; it is also beneficial for the goat by reducing their body temperature during the summer, free them from pests, bugs and other infestations. However, to ensure clipping is safe, do not worse or injuring your animals but also quickly and efficiently, you have to purchase on the best goat clipper.

This post reviews about two goat clippers, which will ensure your goat’s comfort as well as your own convenience: Best Choice Products Goat Clippers vs Yescom 380W Farm Electric Goat Clippers.

#1 Clipper power

The effectiveness of a clipper is judged by its ability to cut seriously think, tough and long wool coats. To do that, the clipper needs a good amount of power. The power of clippers is usually measured in watts.

Ideally, the best clipper should have wattage between 300 and 380.  Best choice products clipper offer 320W of power and the Yescom 380w have 380W of power. That means they are strong enough to shear any heavy long coats and shear for a long time without overheating.

#2 Rotation per minute

RPM is a measure for how many times the blades of clipper move per minute. RPM will determine the speed that the clippers finish their work. You should choose the clippers with RPM at around 2400-2500 per minute.

The Yescom has the motor cuts at up to 2500 RPM and Best choice products can cut at up to 2400 RPM. The faster you finish cutting, the less stressful your goat is.

#3 Adjustable blades

The blade tension needs to be adjusted too tight or easy depends on different wool of goat. For example, the blade can be too tight to cut heavy goat wool and you will need to loosen the blade to get the best result.

Yescom has a very special blade, which is designed for sharper and deeper than usual shearing blades. This blade ensures the effective at working through the thick and matted wool.

This product also comes with adjustable blade pressure easily by the rotatable button at the top of the device. However, some users complain about its quality since the blades coming loose and falling apart.

Best choice products also include the rotatable button on the top that allows users to adjust the blade tension. It can be able to change the shearing head but not included you will have to buy separately blade.

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Best digital aquarium thermometer: VEE GEE Digital Thermometer vs Zacro LCD Digital Aquarium Thermometer

If the temperature inside the tank suddenly changes, your fish will fall ill and cause the dead is possible. Maintaining the constant internal environment for your aquarium is absolutely necessary for keeping healthy fish.

One decided to get a start and set up an aquarium, you should consider and ensure the proper water temperature inside the tank. When it comes to measuring temperature, there is nothing better than the best digital aquarium thermometer.

Here we discuss 2 main different types of digital thermometer available: VEE GEE Digital Thermometer vs Zacro LCD Digital Aquarium Thermometer.

#1 Easy to use and install

The best aquarium thermometers are used for only one job is to measure water temperature, so there is no need to buy anything that is complicated to use and install.

Zacro thermometer includes 2 major parts are an LCD display and a submersible probe. It features a suction cup, which allows you to attach the LCD display to the outside wall of the tank for easy monitor and the probe is placed inside the tank to measure water temperature.

VEE GEE thermometer is a bit different in design. It includes a moderate size display, which shows the temperature and the external sensor. This thermometer does not need to be attracted to the tank all the time.

You will need to submerge the external sensor in the tank for a few seconds and the display will show the result. The drawback is that you will have to do this and repeat once you need to know the temperature. This thermometer is not stuck into the tank so it will not always show the result.

#2 Temperature range

Each species of fish will require its own temperature level. Tropical fish need higher temperatures than temperate fish. Zacro thermometer is a reading range of  -50 degrees Celsius~ + 70 degrees Celsius. You can also switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

The temperature range of VEE GEE thermometer is between -10 to +100°C or +14 to +212°F. It can be read in both Fahrenheit and Celsius too. Due to its wide range of temperatures, this thermometer is ideal for a tropical fish tank, which requires a warmer temperature level.

#3 Accuracy

The most important criteria of evaluation for the best thermometer is how accurate this thermometer is. Digital aquarium thermometer tends to have the most accurate reading since it does not be affected by any external factors such as room temperature, whether, ventilation, etc.

Zacro thermometer provides the accuracy of +/-1 C degrees. And VEE GEE thermometer offers an accuracy range from 0,1 to +/-0,5 C degrees. Both two thermometers provide a high level of accurate results.

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Factors Affect How Old Can Bearded Dragons Get

It is needless to say that bearded dragons are one of the most popular animals to rise as a pet due to their personality and unique appearance. Besides, one more reason that makes them the perfect pets is bearded dragons have a long lifespan like the other pets such as dogs and cats.

If you wonder how old can bearded dragons get and what are the factors will affect their lifespan, this post will help you explore all these things.

How long can bearded dragons live?

The lifespan of bearded dragons will be different depending on their environments.  In the natural environment, bearded dragons will have to be faced with some dangerous factors because they can be the food for a natural predator.

They also have the risk of diseases and illnesses. Therefore, the wild bearded dragon can live a maximum of 5-8 years.

So how old do bearded dragons get in the captivity? With the proper care and the good condition, bearded dragons in the enclosure can life can last for 8-12 years, it is not a short time for pets.

And if they have been kept under super condition, your dragons can reach their maximum lifespan for 12-14 years. It is believed that there are some very rare cases of bearded dragons that can live up to 19 years old.

Things influenced bearded dragons lifespan


Bearded dragons should have a well-balanced diet, which includes vegetables, fruits, live insects and also vitamin supplements and calcium powder. The babies require more insects and nutrients to grow while the adults should only eat 20% of insects in their diet.


There are some things that bearded dragons will need in their captivity life such as proper heating, lighting, correct tank size, substrate. With only one of these things is missing or inadequacy, it can affect the quality of life or even decrease the lifespan of your pet.


One of those reasons that make the female bearded dragons has a shorter lifespan than the males is because of breeding. The stress during the pregnancy and childbirth process can reduce the female dragon’s lifespan, especially if you allow them to pregnancy then they are not old enough.


Bearded dragons can only live a long life if they have enough space. Bearded dragons require space to basking, shelter, and do exercise.

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How Many Mealworms Should A Bearded Dragon Eat?

You could notice that your bearded dragons like to eat mealworms. But mealworms not really good for breaded dragons since there is a lot of fat and phosphor contained in them but just a little protein and calcium.

Therefore, mealworms should not be given as main food for bearded dragons; they only should be a small part or treat in bearded dragons diet.

So how many mealworms should a bearded dragon eat? This post is mealworms feeding guide that every bearded dragon keepers should know.

Can baby bearded dragons eat mealworm?

No, they cannot. Do not feed your baby dragons with mealworms. Mealworms have a rough structure and a big size, therefore they quite hart for babies to digest.

There is a risk of intestinal blockage, impaction or even death for your baby bearded dragons if you allow them to eat mealworms.

Moreover, mealworms contain lots of fat and less nutrition so they do not provide nutrients that the babies need to grow. Instead, you can feed them cricket, small dubia roaches, tiny wax worms and other small insects.

Can juvenile bearded dragons eat mealworms?

Above 6 months juveniles can eat mealworms. But they should only eat mealworms only once or twice per week. Provide mealworms for them as treat. Feeding them the younger mealworms because this is softer and easy to digest.

Besides, you should control the number of mealworms that you feed bearded dragons at one time. Avoid feeding a big or giant meal since it might cause an impaction. Only offering 1 to 2 worms each meal.

Note: Bearded dragon owners should never place mealworms directly on the substrate. If the mealworms are still strong and crawl out of the food dish, you should use a reptile carpet. This is the best substrates bedding bearded dragons with little effect on their digestive system.

How many mealworms can an adult bearded dragon eat?

When they are over 18 months old, they know how to digest mealworms properly. But in this period of lifetime, your dragons should eat more vegetables than when they were young.

So you can feed them mealworms once per week and rotate mealworms with the other live food.

Mealworms are not a staple well-balanced diet. Adult bearded dragons can eat 5-6 mealworms per meal but not daily feeding.

Feeding bearded dragons with many amounts of mealworms may make them obese. However, female dragons who are pregnant can be offered more food than normal.

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