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Best goat clippers: Best Choice Products Goat Clippers vs Yescom 380W Farm Electric Goat Clippers

Clipping goat and hoof trimmers for goats are not just a competition; it is also beneficial for the goat by reducing their body temperature during the summer, free them from pests, bugs and other infestations. However, to ensure clipping is safe, do not worse or injuring your animals but also quickly and efficiently, you have to purchase on the best goat clipper.

This post reviews about two goat clippers, which will ensure your goat’s comfort as well as your own convenience: Best Choice Products Goat Clippers vs Yescom 380W Farm Electric Goat Clippers.

#1 Clipper power

The effectiveness of a clipper is judged by its ability to cut seriously think, tough and long wool coats. To do that, the clipper needs a good amount of power. The power of clippers is usually measured in watts.

Ideally, the best clipper should have wattage between 300 and 380.  Best choice products clipper offer 320W of power and the Yescom 380w have 380W of power. That means they are strong enough to shear any heavy long coats and shear for a long time without overheating.

#2 Rotation per minute

RPM is a measure for how many times the blades of clipper move per minute. RPM will determine the speed that the clippers finish their work. You should choose the clippers with RPM at around 2400-2500 per minute.

The Yescom has the motor cuts at up to 2500 RPM and Best choice products can cut at up to 2400 RPM. The faster you finish cutting, the less stressful your goat is.

#3 Adjustable blades

The blade tension needs to be adjusted too tight or easy depends on different wool of goat. For example, the blade can be too tight to cut heavy goat wool and you will need to loosen the blade to get the best result.

Yescom has a very special blade, which is designed for sharper and deeper than usual shearing blades. This blade ensures the effective at working through the thick and matted wool.

This product also comes with adjustable blade pressure easily by the rotatable button at the top of the device. However, some users complain about its quality since the blades coming loose and falling apart.

Best choice products also include the rotatable button on the top that allows users to adjust the blade tension. It can be able to change the shearing head but not included you will have to buy separately blade.

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What are the best red eared slider filter for the money?

The red-eared sliders are one of the most popular animals to keep as pet due to their characteristic of docile, cute and they also have long life spend. However, the main problem with them is that they eat a lot and also make plenty of mess. They require the best filter for red eared slider that is powerful enough to clean their tank.
Red eared sliders need to be kept in the tank as large as possible and at least 55 gallons tanks. It can be the biggest challenge of turtle ownership to find the power filter with an affordable price as most of them are costly. If you do not want to end up with the wrong filter, waste your money and post a potential danger for your pet’s health, consider my recommendations below:

#1 TetraFauna Viqaquarium, All-In-One Terrarium And aquarium

This filter offers all 3 stages of filtration biological, mechanical, and chemical, which will ensure it will remove any impurities or particle that exist in the water. It is designed to be use in up to 55 gallons tank, that means if you have larger red eared slider tank, it can be unsuitable.
Apart from a filter, it also increases the aesthetic appeal of your tank. This filter is similar to the natural stone. TetraFauna Viquarium Filter is specifically designed for shallow water. This filter also can be took apart for easy install and maintain.
It features whisper technology, which ensure the filter won’t reduce noise when operate. You just need to spend about $60 to get it. However, this filter may take up a lot of space inside your small tank.

#2 Tetra Whisper EX Silent Multi-Stage Power Filter for Aquariums

If you are on the limited budget, this can be the perfect option for you as It is capable of effectively cleaning with the price tag under $30.  This filter is designed for 45 – 70 gallons aquarium. It is the good filter for beginner as it is simple, easy to install with no priming required. It won’t take your time to set it up.
It features two large carbon filters, which will prevent odor and discoloration of the water. However, carbon filters may require frequently maintenance.  The filter also features two plates for good bacteria to grow. What I like about this filter is the compact size of it. You do not need to worry about this filter will take the living space of your pets. You also can hide it by plants and others décor.
It features the strips, as it turns red, it will show you when it is the time you need to replace the filter media and clean the filter. As the name suggested, you can expect that this filter will operate quietly.

#3 Fluval Underwater Filter

This filter of Fluval is ideal to be used for up to 65 gallon aquarium. It is designed with the nice appeal . It features 2 foam pads, 2 poly/carbon cartridges and 90 grams BioMax, which will ensure full 3 stages of filtration and it catch all the debris in the water.
It equipped 3-way flow control, it allows you to adjust the water flow output. You also can control the water movement with this feature. The water movement will add the benefit for aeration. Keeping the water always clean and aerated.
It is especially good for who do not have external space for install filter. Not only efficient, it is also run silent that you can place in a room and never have to worry about noise. However, this is not the robust filter for the heavy bio load tank.

#4 MarineLand Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter

Last but not lest is MarineLand Magnum Polishing. You do not to spend hundred dollars for the efficient filter as it is just about $40 but comes with many positives. Its capacity is 290 GPH that means it can handle for 97 gallons aquarium.
It features submerged motor so you do not need to prime manually. There is a dual-chamber medial container that allow you to change and add the media as your needs.  Black Diamond Carbon included helps to prevent discoloration and odors but it requires you to replace the carbon filter for once a month. It features Marineland Magnum Polishing for crystal water.
Bio Spira provide biological filtration and also help neutralizes nitrites and ammonia. This model comes with the cartridge that can be reused, eliminates particle that exist in the water. It is not completely silent but quite enough to not disturb you and your red eared sliders.

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What Is The Best Outdoor Insulated Rabbit Hutch?

In the wild, rabbits would live in underground burrows to reduce the affect of temperature changing between summer and winter. This is why instead of the best outdoor rabbit hutch; you also pay attention on insulation of the hutch.

In order to helps your rabbits to keep warm and healthy throughout the cold winter and cool in the summer, we will introduce here outdoor insulated rabbit hutches and some advices that you may need to protect your bunnies from the harsh weather.

#1 TRIXIE Pet Products 2-in-1 Rabbit Hutch with Insulation

This hutch is ideal for rabbits to keep warm in the winter and be cold in the summer. There is the Styrofoam insulation in the outer walls for added protection, protects against cold. Not only that, the mesh windows feature removable plastic panels in front, which allow you to control the airflow, protection against draft.

Additionally, the use of solid wood construction, the finest materials, and a glazed pine finish making this hutch stay durable for years and take just a little maintenance. The hinged roof also has a special weatherproof coating, so you can rest your mind that your rabbits will be safe in this hutch.

#2 5ft Chartwell Double Rabbit Hutch

This hutch is made of wood and wire mesh. All the wire mesh windows of this hutch come with the removable winter panels. When the panels are fitted, it will prevent draft, allow the light into the hutch but also ensure the optimal security for your pets

Besides, under the roof is a polypropylene twin skin rigid membrane with an air gap, which will keep your rabbits stay warm in the hutch as well as waterproof. The air gap provides an insulating barrier inside the hutch to help prevent heat loss. Being made of 10mm thick wood make this hutch last for so long even in the harsh whether.

#3 Tips to keep rabbit warm in winter

You should using straw, rather than hay to place or fill the gap inside the hutch or use it as the rabbit litter. This is because straw is thicker stalk than hay that will trap more air and better insulator. Your rabbit even can eat straw.

Using the cardboard to cover the inside wall of the hutch. Cardboard will help against draft and insulate. You can use cardboard to cover the sleeping compartment or nest boxes in the hutch.

Wet conditions can decrease rabbit’s body temperature very quickly, thus you have to ensure that the hutch is dry. Changing the bedding frequently so that it is always clean and dry.

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What are the best small parrot cages?

It is recommended that you should go for the bigest cage that you can afford. This is beacuse the natural enviroment of parrot is in the large forest. However, if you are a small- parrot owner, you may find that big cage is not best option for all the case.
The best parrot cage should be large enough to accommodate your parrot while does not take plenty of space. If you want to save the space, the size of cage should depend on the type of parrot that you own. Besides, smaller cage also help you save your money. Here are perfect small size parrot cages that I would like to recommend.

#1 Prevue Pet Products Jumbo Scrollwork Bird Cage

It measure 18-Inch x 18-Inch x 25-Inch, that means it only suitable for small parrots such as cockatiel or other medium parrots. What I like about this cage is its unique, nice look and vintage designs. You will be attracted by its fashionable design, but its functinals are also should be look for. It provide enough living sapce for your cockatiel or other small-medium parrot can live comfortablely.
It features a bottom  grille and the removeable tray for easy cleaning. This cage comes with 2 plastic cups and 2 plastic perches to enrich the bird habitat. This black cage can be not only bird cage but also the addition decor for your house.

#2 YAHEETECH 55-inch Rolling Standing Triple Roof Top Medium Parrot

This cage from YAHEETECH can be the perfect house for your small parrot. It comes with many positive aspects such as beautiful and efficient compact architecture. Although it has a compact size, it provide plenty living room for your parrot to fly . It has the triple roof design, that not only offer vertical toom for parrot to fly but also create an artistic look for your room.
It features a removeable base, which can be slide in and out for easy cleaning. Apart from its sturdy and durable construction, this cage also includes 4 wheels for 360° swivel smooth-rolling, you can move the cage easily and safer. There are two wheels is lockable for the case if you want it to stay at the position.  However, the front door latch of this cage can be hard to opened.

#3 Vision M02 Wire Bird Cage

Vision MO2 cage is the best choice when it come to cage for small parrots. MO2 version is the innovate disign from the original version. It has the double height, what make it ideal for parrot to have more flying space. It includes 4 perches, taht allow your bird to move whereever they want in the cage and also enrich their habitat.
If you parrot want to interact with people, you even can place the perches outside of the cage. There are also 2 water and food bowls. They are placed on the two side at the bottom. The cage feature a separate door that you can access the bowls and fill them without opening the main large door.
There are the plastic base at the bottom of the cage, which will catch dropping, seed and waste that are fall through the cages.

#4 PawHut D10-016 63″ Large Bird Parrot Cage Stand

This cage dimensions are 25”x 17”x 30.7” and made form wrought iron and bar spacing of 0.5”, which make it durable and ideal for small parrots. You can rest your mind that this cage will be durable and last for years.
It includes 2 wooden perches and 4 food bowls and 2 removable trays. The most attractive features take make me like this product is that it comes with the outdoor playing space at the top of the cage for relaxation. There is a wooden perch and 2 food bowls and a removable tray in this area as well. Not only that, it also come with 4 wheels in the case if you want to move the cage There are also a lower storage rack for increasing the storage space.

#5 Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage

This wrought iron cage measures 18”x18”x57” and 0.75” bar thickness. Although it has the compact size that won’t take much space in uour house, it has the plenty vertical space for parrot to fly around. The  lockable door is heavy-duty that will ensure secure and keep your bird safe inside. Unlike other cage, it is available in eight different colors that you can choose. It comes with 2 stainless steel food and water cups , 2 wooden perches and a outdoor play area at the top of the cage.

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What should be in a best horse grooming kit list?

Grooming kits is the collection of brushes, combs and some other tools that are needed to remove the finer particles of dust and detritus from your horse’s coat for cleaning, shining and healthy. The complete basic grooming kit will make your work of grooming so much easier.

Each brush or comb in the kit serves a different purpose. And this listed below is the most common items that you should look for in the best horse grooming kit.

#1 Curry comb

A curry comb should be used as the first tool of grooming process. It usually has the circular or oval shape and made from rubber. The curry coomb are used in a circular motion while grooming in order to remove excess dirt and hair for stubborn grime

In addition, there is metal curry comb with rows of serrated metal. It can be use on the winter to remove winter coat from the horse.

#2 Body brush

A body brush is the first essential tool in every horse grooming kit. A body brush also has to known as a soft brush with versatile soft bristles that are used all over the horse’s body.

Body brush is used to get rid of any grease, dirt, and dust from the coat. Due to the soft bristles, it can be used on sensitive areas such as the head; the bristles also help to distribute the natural oils in horse’s coat.

#3 Dandy brush

Beside a soft bristles brush, you also need a long stiff bristles brush, and this is a dandy brush. The dandy brush is usually used on the less sensitive area in the horse body. This dust will help to remove any dirt or hair in the dry surface that the curry comb missed.

#4 Hoof Pick

Another essential that cannot miss in any grooming kit is the hoof pick. This is the tool that used to remove dirt and stones that trapped under the horse’s hooves. Hoof picks are usually made out of plastic or metal that includes a hooked metal and a brush on other side.

#5 Mane & Tail brush

As the longest hair in the horse coat, main and tail should be brushed not only to remove dirt and loose hair but also to remove knots and tangles. The mane and tail brush will keep your horse tangle free. It usually made form sturdy plastic, allows you to brush through quickly and easily.

#6 Sponge

It is not the necessary tool but a sponge is great to have if you need to give your horse a bath or cool them down. A sponge will help to clean horse’s eyes, nose and dock area while bathing, as well as clean wounds.

#7 Sweat scraper

Sweat scraper is used to remove access water after bathing or sweat from the horse. It comes in metal or rubber blades with a handle that allow you to wipe away sweat and water.

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What are the best hamster travel cage?

Aside from the roomy hamster cage at home, the travel cage is also an indispensable thing for the hamster owners. You will not want to leave your pet at home when you are going out especially if there is nobody take care of him at home. The best way in this situation is getting the best hamster cage that is convenient for carry.
Not only traveling, these cages also can be used when you need to take your pet hamster to a vet. You will want to get the good quality, comfortable cage, which can help reduce the stress as much as possible for the hamster while moving. This is why you should consider the travel cages on my list below.

#1 Living World Hagen Pet Carrier

My first impression about this cage is its solid and durable visual. The only drawback here is that the large version of it measures 11.8 inch length by 9 inch width by 8.3 inch height. It might be too small if you have the massive hamster. But with its compact size, the cage is very easy to carry. It is lightweight and comes with two top leveraging handles, what makes it very easy to handle. It is made from durable plastic, so you can expect that this cage is durable and long lasting.
The cage offers the comfortable room for hamster provides plenty of space and well ventilation.  It features ridged, non slip floors. It is not the cheapest cage on the market but you will get the great value for your money it is safe and durable travel cage but also pretty affordable. Hagen Living World Pet Carrier is not totally easy to assemble but as long as you follow the instructions, it will be fine.

#2 Kaytee CritterTrail Portable Petite Habitat

At the first sight, this travel cage has colorful, cool design. the cage made of transparent plastic, what provides a lot of light and also allow you to easily see your hamster inside. The bars spacing is ideal to let the light in and allow the proper air flow while ensure hamster cannot escape. Your hamster will not get stressed out if you provide Kaytee CritterTrail Portable Petite Habitat for them.
There are also an exercise wheel, food, water container included in the cag. However, some users had reported about the leaking water bottle. To prevent leaking, you should not overfill the 10-ounce water bottle.
Due to its plastic material, the cage is lightweight and durable. However, what I dislike about this cage is the dimensions of 8 x 12.5 x 7.5 inches, the cage might be suitable for dwarf hamsters only, not Syrian hamster. If your pet is a Syrian hamster, Hagen Living World Pet Carrier would be a better solution. This is one of the cheapest carrier for hamster on the market if you want to save your budget.

#3 Habitrail OVO Transport Unit for Hamster Cage, Small Animal Habitat

Habitrail OVO Transport Unit is perfect cage if you have the small hamster and looking for the really compact carrier. The comes with the convenient handle for easy carrying of your hamster. There is nothing complicate about this cage, it is easy to assemble, clean and carry.
Its dimensions are 7 x 7.8 x 5.4 inches, it quite small but come in handle for the short trip. There are many vent holes at the top of the cage for s proper air flow to keep your hamster comfortable and ventilated. It also allows you to connects it easily to other habitat accessories. However, with the low price, it is not the most durable cage. The plastic material is not non-chewable, the lock is not a very tight fit and it does not include any accessories.

#4 Favorite Top Load Portable Pet Small Animal Carrier Outdoor Short Trip Travel Vet Visit

This can be one of the roomiest travel cage for hamster with the dimensions are 18.5 L X 12 W X 11H, what makes it perfect to keep hamsters. Favourite Top Load Portable carrier is a lightweight carrier that made of durable plastic.
It is designed with plenty vent holes for the well-ventilation. It has a very elegant shape and includes most essential accessories the hamsters need such as food dish and a water bottle.

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Aquarium vs terrarium: Which is better for snake?

There are many tanks for housing snake to consider out there, which might cause your decision-making process to be more difficult, especially if you have no prior experience. Terrarium are generally most common type of enclosure for snakes.

While some other snake owner prefers to use aquarium to keep their pet snakes. Aquarium not come with any door but five side that designed to hold water.

#1 General snake enclosure requirement

Whether you choose aquarium or terrarium, it is important to ensure that they ensure some requirements below. The snake enclosure should be easy to clean, strong enough to protect your pet for a long period. Different species of snake have different space requirement, but as a basic rule, a snake needs a cage with a perimeter that is twice as long as the snake is.

When it comes to the heights, a snake will require at least 18 to 24 inches of cage height. Besides, the snake enclosure must be able to amount heating and lighting fixtures.

#2 pros and cons of terrariums

The biggest advantage of terrarium over an aquarium is that it includes a front door. The front doors allow you much more easier to access your snake, feeding, cleaning, maintaining the habitat than a lid.

Not only that, the best snake terrarium is designed with a screen top, this will ensure the well ventilation as well as more secure than an aquarium with an aftermarket or homemade top.

However, the drawback is that the glass terrariums are usually made of thinner glass than aquarium, this is because terrariums are not designed to hold the weight and pressure of water. Thinner glass means that they also less durable, and reduces the amount of insulation the glass provides.

#3 Pros and cons of aquarium

Many snake owners keep their pet in an aquarium but it is not an ideal enclosure for snake. This is because aquarium is not especially design for snake with dimensions not suitable. Though it is easy to find aquariums with 4 feet or more in length, and those with lots of height in the market. But these aquariums don’t have appreciate depth, with snake cages require about 18 to 30 inches of depth.

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How to proper maintain riding horse gloves?

The best riding gloves will protect your hands from chafing from the reins and protect and from negative weather conditions. Since horse riding gloves are needed almost in every ride, they must be tough against any condition.
The durability of riding gloves also depends on the way you maintain them. You will not want to buy a pair of gloves every month. This post will touch you some tips on proper maintaining your gloves.

#1 How to take care of the leather riding gloves?

One of the reason that make leather is perfect riding glove material is that it will also be extremely durable as long as you take good care of it. For ongoing maintenance, you just need wear your leather gloves when you clean and lubricate your saddle and bridle. Using the products you use to clean your tack and apply to the gloves.
If your leather gloves get very dirty, you can wash your gloves with warm water and saddle soap. Just need to ensure to blot them dry with a clean towel and then allow them to air dry in a warm airy condition.
Wait until they are dry and wear it on your hands, apply the leather conditioner you have.

#2 Can you wash your riding gloves?

You may be surprised to know that you can wash most horse riding gloves, even leather ones. You should prefer hand washing, but you can also machine wash them. Wash on gentle with a delicate fabric laundry product, at a low temperature and low spin speed.
Once your gloves are cleaned you should straighten then out so there are no wrinkles then allow them to air dry in the open air or in the dryer on the low setting. Do not iron or wring them as this can damage the leather or the elastic. You can use some fabric softener sheet, or dry, lint free dish towel in with the gloves to help dry them out.

#3 What feature helps guarantee life spend of gloves?

Extra patches: There are some will have extra padding that attached at the main points of wear. The gloves that are designed with padding in areas that get the most wear such as around the 4th-5th finger, thumb, and index finger will help the gloves last for much longer and help prevent blisters caused by rubbing.

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Can I use only one single bulb in tortoise terrarium?

We all know that tortoise lighting requirement in the enclosure includes: enough white light to see as it will create night & day cycle, heat to help metabolize, and UVB light to help the synthesis of vitamin D3.

However, learning about the right bulbs and how to mount them in your tortoise terrarium are complicate tasks for any tortoise owner. Therefore, some owners want to keep things simple by using an all-in-one bulb, which will serve all your heating and lighting needs. Is all-in-one bulb really effective?

#1 What is all-in-one bulb?

In fact, you can satisfy all of your turtle’s light needs with one lamp, if you like. This lamp is mercury vapor lamps. Not only one of the best uvb bulbs for tortoise, mercury vapor bulbs also provide heat and daylight UVA. If you want to keep things simple or do not have a lot of space, this all-in-one bulb can be the alternative.

Mercury vapor bulbs also cone down in price quite a bit in compare with the past couple of years. Instead of using three or more separate bulbs, you can save a little money and energy cost to light you your tortoise enclosure.

#2 Is one single bulb really effective?

You need to be careful when providing UV rays and heat to your tortoise as you have to ensure that your pet will receive right amount of UV rays they need, both under supplying and over supplying will cause harm over time.

I would like to recommend you use separate bulbs for tortoise enclosure. This is because while every tortoise needs UVB, daylight, and heat, some need it in different quantities to others, and this all depends on where their species originates from. It is not sure that one single bulb can serve right amount of heat and UV as needs of your particular species.

#3 Why you should be careful with all-in-one bulb?

Visible light is usually within the UVA range, and while many UVB specific bulbs provide both visible white light and UVB, but not all of them provide the full spectrum of color, which can interfere with natural behaviors.

To ensure your tortoises have enough light they need, it is better to provide another light source for them. It can be ambient room lighting from a window, or another bulb for the enclosure.

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What are the best wood mulch substrates for tortoise?

The best tortoise substrates that are high quality and perfectly suited to tortoises can help them to live long and happy lives. However, any wrong choice from cheaper brands can be potential danger for your pet. It is not an easy task to choose the most suitable substrate within a number of brands and multiple types.
This is why I have classified and listed here the best wood mulch substrates for tortoise. I would like recommend this substrate for juvenile tortoises or older as it excellent for humidity, can be used multiple times and control ordol.

#1 Zoo Med Repti Bark

This natural substrate is made from bark of fir trees. This is the ideal substrate if you want to increase the moisture and creates humidity enviroments for the tortoise. It also great to place in the shelter place to conduct heat evenly.
What I like about this bedding is that it encourages the natural burrowing behaviour of tortoise. It seems to more prefer to tropical tortoise. It is re-usable and washable so you can use it for multiple time, it also good for grown plants as well. This substrate is economical as it will last for long time and does not need to be changed frequently.
It is treated with triple cleaning process to ensure that it is fine texture, remove any large sticks, dust and dirt that can injure your pet.

#2 Fluker Labs Repta-Bark All Natural Bedding

Fluker Labs Repta-Bark is made of orchid bark, a natural and 100% safe material that can maintain and improve the humidity level in the tortoise terrarium. It is really the good substrate at absorbing humidity. However, you should control the humidity level as it may be molds in high humidity.
This bedding can prevent fungal skin infections in tortoise if the terrarium is overly moist. It comes with the nice sizing pieces of bark, it is about half an inch. These bigger pieces will prevent your pet swallow the bedding and also reduce dust in the tank. The tiny, small pieces can leave a lot of residue in the water bowl.
Once it is added or soak in the water, it can extend its volume and keep the nice humidity high for the tank.

#3 Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding

Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding is made of 100% natural cypress mulch, it is not only completely safe that does not include any harmful additives or dye but also crate the comfortable environment for your tortoise. This is one of the best seller bedding products for reptiles that have been received thousand feedbacks and re-ordering from users.
One of the most attractive point of cypress mulch is that it creates the perfect natural forest appearance for your tortoise enclosure. It comes in the perfect size chunks that will ensure there is no chance for tortoise to ingest the bedding material. It also offer the extremely soft and comfortable for tortoise for laying eggs.

#4 Galapagos Cypress Tank Mulch Forest Floor Bedding

This is another bedding that made from natural cypress mulch. It offers the good capacity of absorbency and humidity control. It provides the smaller Bark, which will support natural feeding habits. It is obvious that it will dry after a few days but as long as you mist the cage occasionally, this substrate will maintain the good humidity levels.
Unlike other cheaper brands, Galapagos provide the substrate that does not include small critters and parasites. It is 100% safe and no toxic oils and chemicals, and parasites. Not only that, this bedding is treat to remove any tiny particles. However, the product may contain dust and dirt.

#5 Carib Sea Coco Soft Reptiles Bedding, Coarse Chip

If your tortoise comfortable is what you looking for, you should consider this substrate. It will provide your pet with the perfect comfort in the enclosure. What I like about this bedding is that it will enhance the life quality of tortoise as it will keep the tank always fresh and clean, waste reducing organisms.
This bedding comes with the fresh coconut husks, which will help control the odor of the tank better than other substrate materials. It is also 100% pet-safe as it does not contain any harmful chemicals.

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