Best Aquarium Sand: CaribSea sand VS. Nature’s Ocean sand

 When it comes to set up an aquarium, there are lots of different accessories. Many aquarists prefer to recreate a natural ocean habitat in their tank by using sand. 

The best aquarium sand will not require to change or not frequently. Moreover, there are some other factors you have to consider before buying sand for your aquarium.

In this post, will are going to compare two of the most common product of sand for aquarium: CaribSea Arag-Alive Fiji Pink Sand and Nature’s Ocean No.0 Bio-Activ Live Sand


#1 Beneficial bacteria and Filtration

The best sand aquarium should promote beneficial bacteria; these bacteria will help to filter out the debris and waste that built up in the tank water. If combined with the best fish tank filters, they will make the environment in the aquarium a lot cleaner.

The advantage of CaribSea sand is that it contains millions of good bacteria inside before you put it in a tour tank. There are heterotrophic, autotrophic, and chemolithotrophic bacteria, which are very useful to reduce the growth of wastes. 

Due to that, you can also skip the cycling time of the sand. This is the time for the growth of bacteria and the stability of a new tank.

CaribSea sand is really suitable for a new tank since it acts as a nitrate filter and Ammonia reducer. Moreover, it also does the work of a high capacity biological filter.

Nature’s Ocean sand is actually taken from the ocean, it is completely natural and also contain live good bacteria. This sand ensures that all the bacteria still alive in the natural state so it quickly adapts your tank. 

Like CaribSea, this sand also can quickly give the natural balance to your tank, reduce ammonia and nitrate in the tank very effectively. You can put any equipment, your coral and your fish as soon as you place the sand without waiting for cycle time.

#2 pH Balance

We all know that the sudden change in the pH level can post disastrous for an aquarium. You will want to get the sand type that has a neutral pH level.

The surface area of CaribSea is ideal for containing a source of calcium, carbonate and trace elements, which keep the pH balanced without using any chemicals to moderate the pH level.

Nature’s Ocean sand contains live aragonite which helps maintain the constant nitrate levels and maintain proper pH levels.

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Factors Affect How Old Can Bearded Dragons Get

It is needless to say that bearded dragons are one of the most popular animals to rise as a pet due to their personality and unique appearance. Besides, one more reason that makes them the perfect pets is bearded dragons have a long lifespan like the other pets such as dogs and cats.

If you wonder how old can bearded dragons get and what are the factors will affect their lifespan, this post will help you explore all these things.

How long can bearded dragons live?

The lifespan of bearded dragons will be different depending on their environments.  In the natural environment, bearded dragons will have to be faced with some dangerous factors because they can be the food for a natural predator.

They also have the risk of diseases and illnesses. Therefore, the wild bearded dragon can live a maximum of 5-8 years.

So how old do bearded dragons get in the captivity? With the proper care and the good condition, bearded dragons in the enclosure can life can last for 8-12 years, it is not a short time for pets.

And if they have been kept under super condition, your dragons can reach their maximum lifespan for 12-14 years. It is believed that there are some very rare cases of bearded dragons that can live up to 19 years old.

Things influenced bearded dragons lifespan


Bearded dragons should have a well-balanced diet, which includes vegetables, fruits, live insects and also vitamin supplements and calcium powder. The babies require more insects and nutrients to grow while the adults should only eat 20% of insects in their diet.


There are some things that bearded dragons will need in their captivity life such as proper heating, lighting, correct tank size, substrate. With only one of these things is missing or inadequacy, it can affect the quality of life or even decrease the lifespan of your pet.


One of those reasons that make the female bearded dragons has a shorter lifespan than the males is because of breeding. The stress during the pregnancy and childbirth process can reduce the female dragon’s lifespan, especially if you allow them to pregnancy then they are not old enough.


Bearded dragons can only live a long life if they have enough space. Bearded dragons require space to basking, shelter, and do exercise.

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When Should You Shears For Sheep?

If you are the sheep keeper, you have to take responsibility for taking care of the animals that you are entrusted with. In order to keep your sheep clean and preventing the spread of disease among a flock, shears for sheep is the work that must be performed frequently.

If a sheep goes for a long without shearing, there are many problems can occur with him and also your flock. Typically, an adult sheep should be shorn for at least once per year.

Before shearing sheep, you should learn and do research about the best time of year for sheep sheers since it is not an easy task as it seems to be, especially if you have a large flock of sheep. The best sheep shears are your great assistant.

Times for sheep shear

Sheep shears can be performed for all seasons of the year depending on some factors such as the climate of where you are living or management.

Normally, the sheep share should be performed in the warmer months of the year and avoid to do during the winter. This can help your sheep decrease their body temperature in the summer and keep them warm in the winter.

However, in the high country regions, where the warmer months are not too hot, people can choose to do sheep share before you brought the sheep into the barn. It will keep the wool clean since the wool very easy to get dirt in the barn when you keep many sheep in the same place.

Moreover, this also keeps the new-born sheep away from exposure to the element and other dirt. But your sheep will require more energy to maintain their body condition during the winter than when they are full of wool.

You can also shear them by using a cover comb (stud comb) which will leave more wool on the sheep body in the winter and giving them a thinness layer of wool for keeping warm.

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How Many Mealworms Should A Bearded Dragon Eat?

You could notice that your bearded dragons like to eat mealworms. But mealworms not really good for breaded dragons since there is a lot of fat and phosphor contained in them but just a little protein and calcium.

Therefore, mealworms should not be given as main food for bearded dragons; they only should be a small part or treat in bearded dragons diet.

So how many mealworms should a bearded dragon eat? This post is mealworms feeding guide that every bearded dragon keepers should know.

Can baby bearded dragons eat mealworm?

No, they cannot. Do not feed your baby dragons with mealworms. Mealworms have a rough structure and a big size, therefore they quite hart for babies to digest.

There is a risk of intestinal blockage, impaction or even death for your baby bearded dragons if you allow them to eat mealworms.

Moreover, mealworms contain lots of fat and less nutrition so they do not provide nutrients that the babies need to grow. Instead, you can feed them cricket, small dubia roaches, tiny wax worms and other small insects.

Can juvenile bearded dragons eat mealworms?

Above 6 months juveniles can eat mealworms. But they should only eat mealworms only once or twice per week. Provide mealworms for them as treat. Feeding them the younger mealworms because this is softer and easy to digest.

Besides, you should control the number of mealworms that you feed bearded dragons at one time. Avoid feeding a big or giant meal since it might cause an impaction. Only offering 1 to 2 worms each meal.

Note: Bearded dragon owners should never place mealworms directly on the substrate. If the mealworms are still strong and crawl out of the food dish, you should use a reptile carpet. This is the best substrates bedding bearded dragons with little effect on their digestive system.

How many mealworms can an adult bearded dragon eat?

When they are over 18 months old, they know how to digest mealworms properly. But in this period of lifetime, your dragons should eat more vegetables than when they were young.

So you can feed them mealworms once per week and rotate mealworms with the other live food.

Mealworms are not a staple well-balanced diet. Adult bearded dragons can eat 5-6 mealworms per meal but not daily feeding.

Feeding bearded dragons with many amounts of mealworms may make them obese. However, female dragons who are pregnant can be offered more food than normal.

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Choosing the right pet from an exotic pet shop near me

There are lots of animals could be right for you. They are can be your friends, your companions in life and your family’s member. If you are planning to keep a pet but do not know what type of animals will make a good pet, this post will help you to find out.

Not only dogs or cats can be a family’s pets, there are some other animals that available in exotic pet shop near me can also be your pets. Your pet choice should be dependent on your personality, what sort of them will match your needs and your lifestyle.


What types of animals can you keep as pets?

Dog and cats: It is needless to say that they are the most popular pets and easy to make the best pets for anyone. People have kept them as pets for thousands of years so they are totally tamed. Dogs and cats are also easy to care for.

Other types of pets: As mentioned above, not only dogs and cats can be kept as pets. In case if you do not have enough space to keep dogs and cats or if you need to pay much of cost to keep them. Then keeping the other lesser-known animals will be the good ideal.

There are some exotic animals that you can keep such as Rodent, Parakeet, Reptile (leopard gecko, crested gecko, bearded dragon), Freshwater fish, Turtle, Snakes, Insects, etc.

Feature to consider when choosing a pet

Remember that different animals have different dietary and space requirements; they all need love, care and attention from their owner. Before taking them home, you have to determine your responsibilities for feeding grooming, training, bathing for your pet.

In order to choose your right pet, the first thing you should look for is living space. Do you live in the city or in the countryside? How much space do you have? Do you have outdoor space such as a garden or yard?

The second thing is the activity of your pet. You want a companion when doing exercise or a peaceful pet to keep in the office when you are working?

And finally, considering your budget. You have to pay for their food, some essential equipment, veterinary care, etc.

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The best Leopard gecko substrates requirements

The best leopard gecko substrate is a vital aspect that impacts your leopard gecko’s well being. Choosing the wrong substrates can lead to some health problems for your pet or even death.

There are so many options for substrates for leopard gecko. Some of them are safe, some are unhealthy, and some substrates are controversial. This article will help you to choose the most matching substrates for your leopard gecko.

 What are the leopard gecko substrates requirements?

The leopard geckos will spend most of their time walking, run, feed, and poop on substrates. In sum, almost their activities even burrow holes and lay eggs have happened under the substrates. Due to this, leopard gecko substrates have to safe for geckos and do not maintain any matters that cause the dead is possible.

The frequency that you should clean and change the substrates depends on the type of substrate. What is better on absorbent will take you less time of cleaning and changing. When changing substrates, you can just change the dirty part of them, not all the substrate in the tank.

Finding the best leopard gecko substrate that easies to clean, change. It is better to use recycle substrates, which will reduce the cost of habitat upkeep and also environment friendly.

Note that the best substrates should not cause irritation to leopard gecko’s skin. And also not built up the dust and get the risk of respiratory problems for leopard gecko.

Good substrates for leopard gecko

Paper towel:

This material is cheap, easy to change and very absorbent. Paper towels will be the best substrates bedding leopard geckos for the baby because they will defecate frequently. Especially this material totally safe with your pet.

Stone slate:

This material is good at grip, have a natural apparent and easy to clean. Ensure that there are not any sharp edges that can get your pet hurt.

Reptile carpet:

This material is good at grip and absorbent but the down point is that it can get dirty and smelly in a short time.

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Things to know before buying the best chicken coop

Whether you are planning to keep chicken or you are rearing chickens, the chicken coop absolutely is the rearing equipment you need to buy. The chicken coop quality will directly affect chicken survival and productivity because it is where your chicken sleep, take a rest and lay their eggs.

You can own your best chicken coop by making it by yourself or purchase it on the marketplace. In order to help you buy the right chicken coop, this article is some details you should attention before choosing this equipment.

#1 Size of the coop

Some manufacturers advertised that space 3 feet x 4 feet contain 6 chickens. But if you want your chickens to be happy and healthy, this area is not enough. The fact that each kitchen should have at least 2 squares foot of floor space.

The ideal coop must be spacious enough for the chickens to lap the wings, maximum convenience on sleeping and laying eggs, and also have a space to walk. Your chickens will be easier to accommodate with a new coop if they have room to fly.

#2 Easy to clean

Easy to hygiene is an important feature to make the best chicken coop. Dirt collects, parasites, bacteria will have a chance to multiply if your coop is not airy, do not have the changeable floor and enough space for a human to clean inside. Besides, you should clean the coop regularly to eliminate chicken’s waste and hazardous features for your chickens.

#3 Ventilation and windows

As we mentioned up here, the lack of ventilation will lead to the possibility of developing parasites, dirt collects, bacteria, etc. Moreover, your chickens can be suffocated without ventilation or windows. The ventilation does not work well maybe get your herd a risk of breathing problems.

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