Who is the mayor of pell city alabama

What is Pell City known for?

The city has 275 miles of shoreline on Logan Martin Lake, which offers camping, fishing, skiing, swimming, sailing, and many other water activities. The area also has two golf courses, Pine Harbor and the Pell City Golf Course.9 thg 2, 2010

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Who founded Pell City Alabama?

History. Pell City was founded in 1890 by railroad investors and named after George Pell of the Pell City Iron and Land Company, one of its financial backers. The city was incorporated on May 6, 1891, but nearly failed during the Panic of 1893.

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How did Pell City Alabama get its name?

Inzer of Ashville. Postell was general manager of the East & West Railroad, and Inzer was the company’s attorney. The line was owned by the prominent Pell family of New York City, Pell City’s namesake.6 thg 3, 2016

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Is Pell City a good place to live?

Pell City is a great place to live. The people are very friendly and social, there are options for locals to be involved in community theatre, there are charity events happening constantly, block parties, fishing competitions, areas to shop for clothes, shoes, books, art, and antiques.

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How large is Pell City AL?

Talladega, AL. Leeds, AL. Trussville, AL.

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What county is Pell City Alabama in?

Pell City, with a population of approximately 17,000, is the largest city in St. Clair County. It is on Interstate 20 between Birmingham and Atlanta and on US Highway 231, known as the short route to Florida.

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