Who is the oldest sturniolo triplet

How old is Matt sturniolo?

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Full name Matthew Sturniolo
Date of birth 1 August 2003
Age 19 years (as of 2022)
Zodiac sign Leo
Place of birth Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America

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Do the sturniolo triplets have any siblings?

Chris Sturniolo’s bio. Chris Sturniolo was born in Boston, Massachusetts, the United States, to his parents Marylou and James. He was brought up alongside his two triplet siblings, Matthew and Nicolas, who are also internet celebrities. He also has an elder brother named Justin.22 thg 7, 2022

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What ethnicity is Sturniolo?

Italian: variant of Storniolo from storno ‘starling’ Latin sturnus possibly applied as a nickname for someone who was garrulous.

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How do you pronounce sturniolo triplets last name?

sturniolo triplets brother justin | TikTok Search.

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How do u say sturniolo?

sturniolo triplets – playlist by juniperjoy | Spotify.

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Did the sturniolo triplets delete their YouTube channel?

Netizens rally for YouTube to return their channel. Fans of the Sturniolo Triplets were left saddened to see their channel disappear from YouTube. The internet figures announced that they were working with the video sharing platform to retrieve their channel.

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